17 Ways to Create Health, Longevity and Success

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with Dr Mario Martinez (Dr MM) author of ‘The MindBody Code’. A neuropsychologist, he has studied the overt and subtle ways our personal and cultural beliefs impact our immune system – and the pathways to healing the wounds of shame, betrayal and abandonment that are intimately involved with the creation of health, longevity and success.

What I found unique about Dr MM’s work is his focus on shame, betrayal and abandonment, and the specific antidotes that when consistently implemented, will heal the wounds on a mental emotional level thus releasing the positive neurochemicals that heal at a cellular level. He also explores how the beliefs of your family, community and culture influence us and therefore impact our health, aging, and success in more direct ways than we had ever known.

From the weekend, these were my take away’s. How many of these do you consistently partake in?

1. In the creation of health and longevity, our beliefs are stronger than our genes.

2. Acts and beliefs that honour yourself and are an expression of personal pride trigger anti-inflammatory neurochemicals. They heal shame.

3. Regular acts of loyalty to yourself and others heal betrayal and release health promoting neurochemicals.

4. Regular acts of commitment to yourself heal abandonment.

5. Ongoing participation in ‘creation’ of something meaningful – a garden, a business, an idea, craft, art, drama, business, family activity.

6. Set and uphold your personal boundaries and emotional limits.

7. Develop an attitude of seeing the future and time as opportunities to continue to learn and thrive.

8. Generate rituals not routines.
A ritual is a pleasurable choice that I identify with, it is different to a routine which is done out of obligation.

9. Believe in a power greater than me.

10. Novelty, variety and curiosity are the attitudes of vibrant minds.

11. Having an attitude of exploration and curiosity in your life.

12. View people as an opportunity to learn something else.

13. Love your ‘work’

14. Growing older is a certainty. Aging is optional.

15. Become assertive. Set your limits and then give people permission not to like it.

16. Age is a cage. If you were ‘age-less’ what would you set out to do, achieve, believe, change in your life?

17. Examine the degree to which you genuinely embrace your worthiness of your own excellence and all the good in your life without getting sick or something happening that self sabotages.


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