6 Habits Of A Calm Person

In the Southern Hemisphere Spring is upon us marking the beginning of a new year in nature. Inner calm is available to us by aligning ourselves with the natural wisdom of Spring and Summer.

What would happen if we were to align our eating, thinking, mindset and behaviours to reflect Spring? How would doing this create a difference to our vitality and productivity?

Spring and Summer are yang seasons. Their unique energy is about creativity, expansion, lightness, activity and brightness. Spring symbolises youth and Summer symbolises luxurious growth.

Integrating the principles symbolised by the seasons is second nature to the balanced person. The balanced person experiences greater vitality by eating foods that fortifies their body for that particular season. Their emotions are more even as a result of understanding what thoughts and feelings are amplified in certain seasons. Unfortunately most of us have blunted our instinctual awareness; only through practices that bring us close to the cycles of nature do we begin to hear the voice of our own nature clearly.

To unify with Spring and Summer and reap its benefits:

1. Launch new projects

Specifically, Spring heralds new beginnings. It is an auspicious time for launching campaigns and projects.

What project would you like to see supercharged with this dynamic planetary energy?

What greater opportunities will develop as a result of its success?

2. Nourish your heart centre

The sight of tender, green germinating plants, green grass and green buds nourish the soul and heart visually. One’s harmonious inner rhythm is that the appetite for food decreases and the body naturally cleanses itself of metabolic waste and of excessive desire, dissatisfaction, impatience and anger.

Green manifests love and equality in relationships. Which of your relationships could benefit from harnessing the cleansing energy and the transformative power of Spring?

3. Re-connect with your true nature through self-awareness and self-expression

In Spring and Summer, the bright light initiates a new perspective and gives rise to the opportunity for us to see things in new ways.

Spending some focused time reflecting on one’s degree of gratification in each area of your life: career, health, spirituality, relationships and family can provide an opportunity to see new solutions that allow for renewed self-expression.

4. ‘Tis the season to attend to liver and gallbladder’

The warmer months are dedicated to focusing on Liver. Disharmony in the liver can manifest in emotional difficulty related to anger: impatience, frustration, resentment, violence, rudeness, edginess, arrogance, stubbornness, aggression and impulsive behaviour. When these emotions are repressed without an opportunity for transformation, they can cause depression. Mood swings as well as emotional excesses in general are liver related.

5. Rejoice in the lightness of being

Food preparation becomes simpler in the warmer seasons. Raw and sprouted foods can be emphasised as well as the use of brightly coloured Summer fruits and vegetables.

Cooking for short periods of time is best such as sautéing and light steaming. Specific foods that are cooling are salads, sprouts, watermelon, cucumber, tofu, apples, lemons and limes. Interestingly the hot-flavoured spices such as chilli, garlic, ginger, horseradish and black pepper are considered useful to disperse heat. Initially they are warming but ultimately they bring internalised body heat out to the surface.

6. Step back and celebrate self

As we move through the second half of the year we begin to take stock of the path we have travelled through the preceding months. In this instance let’s focus on events or experiences that you are proud of because they are significant to you. The simpler, the better. For example, I am proud that I got my tax return in on time because it means that I am improving my time management, which gives me the mental clarity to pursue other things.

In celebrating ourselves, our energy source is consolidated and this frees us to experience renewed enthusiasm for our life and our capabilities.

Having dedicated time to unite with nature, as Spring arrives notice that your mind and emotions are calm and ready for the expansive, creative energy that is Spring’s hallmark. Your mental energy is sharp and dynamic. You will experience greater productivity thanks to the effortless flow of energy in your work and home space. And your body feels vital and robust ready to receive Spring and Summer with outstretched arms.


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