6 Insights From a New Author on Self-Publishing


I have been privileged to work with a new author, Danielle Wright, author of Sleepy Magic (www.sleepymagic.com.au) which has just published and hits the market of parenting, meditation and self-worth on the head!

In the last 5-6 months an enormous amount of work has had to take place to get this beautiful hard cover book to print and I have asked Danielle for her insight on self-publishing.

“Danielle, what made you go the self-publish route rather than finding an established publisher to get your book to market?”:

That’s simple, I wanted my vision, my cover art, my words and my voice to shine through. I knew if I went for a publishing house most of this would of changed and I wasn’t willing to compromise. I went with my gut and my heart. Yes, there is more risk financially and more work trying to get your book and name out there but that is also fun and rewarding.

“Danielle, what, if anything, did you find difficult about the self-publish route?”

Probably feeling overwhelmed on how to do it. Writing it was easy, but who to turn to for edit, illustrate, design the layout, photographer for your bio pic and print the work was another story. This took research and recommendations. I waited patiently for the right people to arrive to help and they did. They became as passionate about this book as I am.

“When going down the self-publish route one thing is that you had to set up your own publishing company – how was that for you?”

This was fine. I decided not to go with a POD (print on demand) company because I was printing a hardcover I wanted the standard quality very high. POD doesn’t seem to allow for this. Also they take a huge cut. I have started out small on purpose since I am a marketing the book myself.

“Have there been any surprises along the way?”

Expensive! If you plan on writing a novel your costs will be considerable, but if you want something special it will cost. It pays to get professional help. You will end up with a more polished book.

Even if you land a big publishing deal you will have to market your book. You are the face of it. It’s your responsibility to get it out into the world. This takes time and hard work.

How did using an Author’s Assistant help you to get your book to market?”

Having an Authors Assistant has been wonderful and a huge time saver. There is no way I could have gotten the book out and website up within 5-6 months after officially writing it without Glynis. There is an incredible amount of time spent at the back end. Glynis did a lot of research and handling of anything I needed her to. Plus writing a book can be a lonely place. It was great to bounce ideas off each other and have that support.

Is there anything you would have liked to have been aware of before publishing your book?

You have to be realistic on time, expense, and know you are your own marketing machine. Edit, edit, edit. Definitely invest in a great editor. Have several people who have not read the book proof read the printer’s proof. You will be amazed how much is missed even if you have a professional editor proof it.

Enjoy the journey, it’s an amazing and rewarding experience. Only do it for the love of getting your unique voice out there not for the money.

Once you have all of the knowledge from publishing your first book the second will be much easier! I am looking forward to this.

If you want more of Sleepy Magic see:  press release online


I hope you found this interview of assistance to you in your thoughts on publishing your work.


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