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  • “I embarked on a 12-month programme with Equilibrio with the intent to improve my leadership qualities and overcome some obstacles that I felt were holding me back. What I got was a transformational experience that has greatly improved my leadership skills (both self-leadership and my leadership of others) and in addition became a better parent and husband. It was an experience I will never forget.”
    Mark Rowland – Founder Style Tread, Past CEO Wagamama

  • “Blueprint Management Group achieved enormous success utilising the coaching and training services of Equilibrio over a 10-year period. Michelle Duval was instrumental in helping our company develop a dynamic values-driven culture that has helped us achieve significant growth (BRW Fast 100—top 10 three years running). Equilibrio has a powerful insight into what makes a company and its leaders successful. Every day that goes by without a coach, go opportunities, fulfilment and fun you will never know existed.”
    Creel Price – Co-Founder BMG, Founder Accelerate Global, Founder Club Kidpreneur

  • “Before I started the coaching process with Equilibrio, I had identified 3 coaches from various sources and decided to meet with them to see who I believed would be the right fit for me. I found the professionalism of Equilibrio outstanding; my coach really understood what I was after from the first meeting. When I asked for a proposal that outlined the coaching programme, nothing was too hard. I had a proposal within the day. I did not get this from the other 2 coaches I have met. Those others were unprofessional in comparison to Equilibrio. I found my interactions with Equilibrio always on a very high professional standard. I believe Equilibrio deliver a high-quality service and understand the business model very well.”
    Sophie Fletcher, GM MPG

  • I undertook the coaching as I recognised that the way I thought and dealt with matters was not always the positive. The coaching provided was excellent in that it was tailored to my issues and life-long skills were provided in how to handle these situations. The broader team at Equilibrio was highly professional and in particular my coach provided excellent resources and skills for me to take away and use in relationships and the workplace. I would highly recommend Equilibrio for those seeking to improve themselves and believe the cost is an investment in your future.

  • As a vision impaired person living and working in a sighted world I had learned confidence but struggled to believe I deserved what I had now. I thought I was not entitled to hope for or expect a great future. Through coaching I learned lots of new tools and gave myself the greatest gift. I have self esteem and self confidence, I’m not only successful but I’m proud to be so in spite of my challenges. I’m so grateful to my coach to help me achieve such huge personal growth.

  • I always had a sneaking suspicion I was hiding behind an alternative version of myself. I knew I was capable of so much more and yet had no idea how to access that potential. I had reached as far as I could go in my career being that version and needed help peeling back the layers to reveal the true me. Since finishing my coaching journey I have enrolled in education that will progress me within my current employment and have had the confidence to take on larger more complex projects. I have learned new skills to assist me and the confidence I have in my ability has increased. I have also developed deeper relationships with my children and feel so engaged in their lives now, I was preoccupied with feelings of inadequacy most of the time, which robbed me of the present. I believe this was a very valuable experience, it has helped me learn about myself, my strengths, areas requiring work and self forgiveness. I have a better understanding and respect for other people and their different relationship styles which helps immensely in my current role.
    Marni Rundle

  • Compasses, maps we have invented these to help us navigate through unfamiliar territory and arrive at our desired destination. Why, when it comes to the internal frontiers of our heart and mind do we let ourselves wander in the dark? I wandered through my own confusing inner forest for years proud for just surviving. My Equilibrio Coach allowed me to discover my own path taking me from existing to thriving. Now, that’s something to be proud of!
    Paul Seitz

  • Coaching facilitated great changes in my life. The changes it facilitated were in me. Through a facilitated process of self-realization I became acutely aware of, and fully appreciated my existing strengths, skills and abilities, and particularly how to use them more effectively. I also became aware of patterns that I had adopted over the years that were nor serving me, or those around me at all well. Through the skillful coaching I received I was able to overcome and replace the patterns with the result that things have improved not only for me, but those around me. The ripple effect has been very positive and considerable.
    Des Lowe

  • The experience of doing the coaching course with equilibrio has been a life changing & altering experience that has changed my life. It is one of the best things I’ve done in my life. The personalised attention, time, support & coaching is like no other & you can’t put a price tag on something so unique & life changing. They know you & your needs & have no limits to make sure that you achieve what you have set out to do. It exceeded my expectations & I recommend it to anyone 200% . Thank you Michelle & Equilibrio.
    Natalia Ors

  • Michelle Duval from Equilibrio was the perfect management coach for me. She used highly sophisticated question techniques to allow me to reflect upon my strengths and weakness in order for me to become an even better leader and visionary. She is highly intelligent and qualified as a coach with a wealth of experiences. I can highly recommend any CEO out there to work with Michelle as she is the ideal sparring partner for leaders of multimillion dollar companies.
    Bjorn Behrendt

  • You will learn and come to understand more about yourself than you ever imagined which arms you with the tools to really make your mark in life. Our family has grown emotionally as a unit and has a direction that keeps us inspired. An amazing journey of laughs and tears that has enriched our lives.
    Brad and Noelani Sobott

  • We have been working with Michelle for the past 18 months and to say it has transformed us personally and professionally is an understatement. Michelle has an innate ability to draw out the very best in you which can be surprising and extremely rewarding. The skills we now have in leading and running our business are light years ahead of when we started our coaching journey and personally ensuring we balance this with our wellbeing and family relationships has been invaluable. We highly recommend the Equilibrio team.
    Renee and Andy Welsh 

  • I would recommend joint coaching to others – especially parents with children, as it’s so easy to lose that connection, and our coach helped us reconnect and strengthened our connection and communication. Thank you. Thank you . Thank you. You really did give us the tools to save our marriage. We love you!
    RK and MK

  • “Every time I have a coaching session, I come out totally amazed at what comes out. Sometimes the most important issues or opportunities lay within us for so long. I would hate to think how much build-up of tension I would carry around without our coaching sessions. Working through these challenges and opportunities prior to actioning, always gets the results. Everyone spends so much time planning and preparing themselves for business and sport, we forget to do the same for ourselves. Don’t forget yourself! Get a coach to support you!”
    Trevor Folsom Co-Founder BMG, CustomCall, FAC, Elevation Capital

  • “My wife and I dramatically changed our lives forever. We started exercising and changed our diet to one that is both healthy and sustainable. In less than five months, we lost 25kg combined. We feel remarkably healthier, have substantially more energy and self-confidence.”
    AM & KM, Architect & Scientist

  • “The Corporate Coaching sessions we had were thought provoking, positive, exciting and brought our company senior managers and all our visions and goals inline, creating a driving force within and without the business. When addressing the personal aspect of balance within the employees of the business, and hence addressing
    balance in the company, these sessions were a unique way of introducing selfreflection and looking at the way each of our employees are balancing their life. The atmosphere created was one of support, listening, and commitment from the staff as each individual gathered knowledge of themselves, and left with the ability to set
    SMART goals, take action and achieve them.”
    TC, Manager

  • “Thank you so much for the coaching work we did together. It has had such a remarkable effect on my life and career. I am now so much more focused and clear about where I want my career to head, and it is so exciting to see the results from the work we did together on a daily basis.”
    DF, Business Owner

  • “Well, I got hooked… now 9 months later I have lost 17 kg, can fit into a size 10, I look and feel fabulous and am enjoying compliments from friends and family!”
    JL, Grandmother

  • “It got me to focus, and got me to really know my strengths and find new tools and solutions. It has given me the confidence to go after the career I really want.”
    KH, Filmmaker

  • “My coaching with Equilibrio has been excellent! My coach has a thorough knowledge of NLP, and combining that with coaching, the results for me have been great. If you are hesitating for any reason, I suggest you just do it! It can change your life and assist you to move towards your goals and dreams. As a result of this coaching, I have personally released limitations that were preventing me from growing my business. I gained clarity, focus, and motivation, especially in context of business. I am now consistently enjoying my business and have more energy.”
    KC, Entrepreneur

  • “Mind-expanding, extremely interesting, and incredibly insightful. I learned lessons and techniques that I can use throughout the rest of my life…I always enjoyed my sessions with my coach. She provided some incredible insights into the way that I thought. Most importantly, she encouraged me to discover the answers myself. This is incredibly empowering. She was a great and genuine support for me throughout the process…this is a process of inner discovery that will help both you and the world to grow and improve.”
    AJ, Financial Planner

  • “To be successful in life, one must constantly be improving, expanding the knowledge base and clearing limiting beliefs. I have found Equilibrio as a programme of Life Coaching that embraces that winning formula and encompasses the necessary tools to identify those blocks and limiting beliefs. It has allowed me to forge through to my maximum potential.”
    NB, Entrepreneur

  • “The coaching I received from Equilibrio has resulted in significantly improved outcomes in areas such as staff relationships, business profitability, and my own personal satisfaction.”
    NE, Manager and Mother

  • “I gained an understanding of my numerous talents and skills. I have greater self-belief. I have a more relaxed approach to everyday events. My coaching was a challenging but rewarding experience. My coach is extraordinary in her ability to grasp and summarise concepts. Has great ability to ‘draw you out’. A rare find. Challenging in her coaching demands. Be honest and don’t hold back with your thoughts and feelings.
    Take the risk.”
    HW, Pilot