Barbara Anderson


Barbara is an executive coach, business coach, personal coach, and professional trainer & facilitator, and keynote speaker.

Barbara has an extensive background in Corporate, Business, Information Technology, Management, and Training and Development. Over the past 15 years Barbara has worked with a range of corporate and small business clients as a Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator for their Business and Personal Development.

As a coach, the coaching methodology used follows a Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioural model. I see clients as creative, resourceful and whole, and do not assume that clients need “fixing”. I endeavour to further the client’s agenda and build towards their desired outcomes. My vision is to foster attitudes and behaviours where people flourish and are happy, produce outstanding results, and are eager to learn and enthusiastically affect everyone they come in contact with.

Barbara has a passion for Coaching and has trained many hundreds of new coaches, and managers in coaching skills. She contributes to the Coaching profession by being on the International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Standards Team as the Australasian Coach Credential Leader – encouraging and assisting coaches gain their ICF credentials. She is also an ICF Assessor, and she has mentored hundreds of coaches to improve their coaching skills using the ICF 11 Core Competencies of Coaching. In December 2008 Barbara was awarded “Australasian Coach of the Year 2008” by the International Coach Federation.

As a trainer and consultant Barbara’s specialised areas include Coaching Skills for Managers and new coaches, Leadership Skills, Team Building, Workplace Trainer, Workplace Assessor, (Certificate 1V); Presentation Skills (Public Speaking), Goal Setting, Time Management and Communication Skills.

Barbara has a very personal, interactive and practical approach. She has a great sense of lightness and humour, while simultaneously being extremely professional, confident and competent, and as bold as required to ensure clients achieve their goals. She has a real skill of covering the material in a program while also meeting the needs of each individual in the group. Barbara always receives excellent feedback from courses she conducts. One example is “I rate Barbara as one of the best corporate trainers I have experienced in my 15 years senior management experience with Telstra, NAB and BHP. She has a reputation within the coaching industry as one of the best corporate trainers in Australia.” DR. (email Aug ’04)

As well as training and coaching, Barbara is a skilled facilitator and companies are using her skills to facilitate Strategic Planning sessions, Board and Management meetings, and more; and over the past 3-4 years Barbara has also been delivering Keynote presentations to small and large groups on a variety of topics, to meet participant requirements. Presentations are always engaging and practical providing a WOW factor to any event. Barbara really connects with her audience and their issues and leaves the audience with inspiration to do something different when they leave.

Barbara was a volunteer with Sailability for 12 years (facilitating sailing for people with disabilities), is an active volunteer with World Youth International (developing Australian youth working on overseas projects in third world nations), and is a generous donator to several other organizations.

Qualifications include:

  • Graduate Certificate HRM & Coaching, University of Sydney 2005
  • Bachelor of Business in Human Resources and Psychology, 1999
  • Certificate 1V Training and Assessment.
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Accredited Life Coach; Business Coach; Executive Coach, & Team Coach.(Results Coaching Systems)
  • Certified practitioner in the Genos Emotional Intelligence toolset

Previous Clients include Telstra, Optus, IBM, Prudential, Legal and General, Colonial, Commonwealth Bank, NRMA, RAMS, GIO, Martin Ridge and Associates, Caltex, Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways, Environmental Protection Authority, Wentworth Hotel, MBF, Department of Health (Post Medical Council); Royal and Sunalliance, Results Coaching Systems, Sapiens UK, Air New Zealand, National Australia Bank, MLC, Centrelink Victoria & NSW, School Principals and Executives, Asteron Holdings Limited, QBE, NSW Health, Rabobank, Idexx Laboratories, Avenade, Copyright Ltd; Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education, Alphapharm Pty Ltd, Franklin Covey, India; Kamataka Neeravan Nigram Ltd (KNNL), Bangalore, India, Honeywell, India; Asian Paints, India, ING; Deutsche Bank (Asia Pacific); Mindspan Development (China)

What People Say About Barbara

"Among others, Barbara has been helping me to: Clearly formulate my goals in my current job; Think about the future and where I want to go; Deal with and come up with solutions for HR and general work related issues as they developed; Come up with clear action plans to achieve my professional goals and objectives and how to interact and communicate with my boss, staff and peers in the most effective manner; Come up with ways to manage my time more efficiently; and Determine ways to motivate and coach my staff. All in all, Barbara’s coaching support has been really helpful for me to become a more effective manager and leader."
Paul B., Senior Exec, International Bank

"I am amazed and delighted with the amount I achieved during my coaching sessions and the positive habits I have formed and continue to live by. With Barbara’s help I discovered a strength and determination that had been stagnant for some time! I would highly recommend coaching to absolutely anybody, It doesn’t matter how organised or sorted out you may think you are, coaching can only improve the quality of one’s life."
Jocelyn Buckley, MD Crow TV, London

"Thanks for everything Barbara – you have been a great help to me, and I really enjoyed our work together. You are a wonderful coach and it has been a great ride."
Janet S., Songwriter

"I wanted to make a change in my life but was at a loss on how to go about it, I was way too busy. Reaching out and actually asking for help with coaching was the hardest part of this journey, but being facilitated by Barbara to identify what I really wanted, and how I could empower myself made the change I was looking for really happen . I am now much happier with my work, I have a life outside of work and spend much more quality time with my family. Barbara’s facilitation & coaching skills took me on a journey I just wouldn’t have travelled on my own so I have no hesitation in recommending Barbara to you if there is something you would like to change in your life, but are not sure where to start."
Martin D, Project Manager, IT&T

"Barbara Anderson has been instrumental to helping make genuine change in my life. Better habits and a clearer perspective through her coaching has lead to much more productive work and me being a happier person. It’s been invaluable."
Fergus Stoddart, Business Development Director, Edge Custom Media

"Our last session, had me hard thinking and I’m doing my best to apply this now. I feel like I’m making some progress. Thankyou for all your help over the past 5 months – it has been brilliant."
William Smart, Creative Director, Smartdesignstudio

"Barbara Anderson is a masterful mentor and coach. I presented Barbara with a challenge which she handled in her stride, dancing skilfully to guide me to success without judgment or criticism. I would wholeheartedly recommend Barbara to anyone who is committed to developing their skills and effectiveness."
Andrew Bryant, CSP, PCC, Founder of Self Leadership International

"Barbara I found your approach professional and I liked how you just cut to the point with no messing around – great coarse and great guidance and training – thank you."
Steve Prothero, Executive Coach

"I’ve just completed the Executive Coach Training – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Barbara and Jennie (assistant trainer) are both fantastic and a joy to learn from. Quite seriously, it is the best training I’ve participated in, and at my age I’ve been involved in quite a few. Loved it and look forward to doing more."
IntaSellick, Coach, Integrated Learning & Development

"Barbara is a dedicated and committed coach. Her experience, wisdom and knowledge around coaching in invaluable. She is a delight to work with and an inspiration for all coaches."
Tracy Tresidder, PCC. Director Professional Standards Committee ICFA.

"Hi Barbara – thanks for being such a generous and inspiring Lead Trainer"
Justine Peacock, Coach and assistant trainer on Perth Intensive Coach Training (RCS)

"Hi Barb – thanks for your help yesterday. We both made comment that its good how we in the past would discuss something for hours, with you we move through and make our decisions and move on. We had 5,000 deposited into our bank this morning. Some people I tell get shocked that we pay for coaching, they think we should know it all. Basically your $400 made us $4,600 this week. Good return on investment we say!"
Kylie & Mick Dwyer, Essential Hair Education & Cloud Nine Hairdressing

"Thank you for a really valuable coaching /mentoring experience — discussing each competency has been really useful in deepening my understanding and gaining key distinctions; and I’ve learnt a lot from the sharing of experiences and approaches — it’s opened my eyes, and helped me to reflect on areas that i can grow in.. And a special thank you Barbara for sharing your extensive experience and your generous sharing of tools, ideas and suggestions. I look forward to sessions with you in the future!"
Kerrie W., Coach

"Great to have the sounding board"; "asked good questions that kept me grounded"; and "I feel more balanced and better about decision making process"
Bob G, Share Trader.

"I have known Barbara for some years now and have come to know her as a coach, trainer and all round source of inspiration. Barbara’s knowledge, experience, energy, creativity and care are thrilling to come in contact with. It seems that everything she involves herself with gets lifted to another plain of energy. One of those special people on this earth………"
Roland Hanekroot. New Perspectives Business Coaching

"Just finished the teleclass with Barbara Anderson and just wanted to give you some feedback. This was a terrific session with so much useful, practical and very clear information. Such a valuable hour – more please."
Karen Buck, Coach

"Barbara – Thank you for sharing your many years of coaching experience with us. No matter what question or coaching situation had been thrown in your direction – you used all of it to facilitate learning and insights within us. The Dance of Insight looks so easy when you dance it."
Frank Reimann, Country Director, CARE International in Lao

"I want to acknowledge your energy, enthusiasm and gift for teaching that has been so clearly offered to us throughout our 3 month coach training sessions. It has been a pleasure for me and a wonderful beginning to a new phase in my life."
Catherine Murray. Area Clinical Manager, Cancer Services, SSWAHS

"The conference team worked great together and everyone played such an important role. Though I believe without you and that ‘squeaker thing’ keeping everyone one on track (as noted in the feedback comments) the conference would not have been such a success….I am sure after the weekend they all know how lucky they are to have you!"
Margot Zaska, Disability Sport, NSW Sport & Recreation

"Deirdre and I congratulate you all on a really fantastic conference this weekend. We were only going to attend specific sessions but we were enjoying ourselves and getting so much out of it that we stayed for the lot! Pass on our congratulations to Barbara for facilitating and keeping the whole program moving along so smoothly, efficiently and enjoyably."
Bob Ronai, Public Relations, Sailability Manly

"This is a quick note to express my appreciation for the support and advice you provided to myself and C.C. during the organizational re-structure that took place last year. The personal coaching, intellectual framework and the independent perspectives provided, gave us an opportunity to assess for ourselves a fresh and objective view of the challenging circumstances around the organizational dynamics that we were confronted with. …. This update on our progress is to acknowledge my appreciation for the support and professionalism you provided us during our period of change. I can comfortably say now, your work with the coaching with our Financial Accounting Manager and myself together with the Insights program is paying dividend across the organization."
Ans Hamid, Chief Financial Office, Copyright Agency Limited

"Once again, thank you for the time and expertise you put into preparing
for and facilitating our Retreat. I am pleased that we achieved many of the outcomes we had hoped to achieved, and am confident that we can build on this success. I will definitely keep you in mind for future activities."
Carroll Graham, Faculty Manager, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney

"I wanted to say how fantastic I thought the planning session was last week – you are BRILLIANT! I really enjoyed it and believe it really sorted a lot of things out. In the messages flying around everyone has commented on what a good
session is was – I think you should be congratulated."
Veronica Cuskelly, Food Media Club

"Gail, Jim and I met today and we collated the following feedback for you: good combination of information and process; fun and energizing; well structured; opportunities to work with people I didn’t know; valuable session … reaffirmed good practice. This half day was well received by all participants …congratulations!"
Di Barry, Regional Manager, Education Department NSW

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed tonight’s training session. I found it pacey, lively, professional, well managed, friendly, supportive and very valuable. I found your feedback honest, clear, direct, supportive and extremely useful. I was astounded at the ground we covered in forty minutes. I learnt heaps AND enjoyed myself! Looking forward to the next seven weeks. Thanks!"
Katie Miles, Trainee Coach and Director, The Realise Group Pty Ltd

"Over the past 5 years, I have attended a number of Barbara’s courses. They have not only had a direct benefit on my professional skills and career path, but Barbara’s insights into business and her ability to relate to ‘real’ business needs and issues, be it small business or large corporations, was of particular benefit to myself and the other participants."
Michelle Zenere, IT Systems Manager, Toyota Australia

"Thank you Barbara for conducting your time management workshop for my team recently. I am pleased to report that the course was very effective. The staff have benefited greatly and have new skills that they are applying in the workplace. You have provided an ongoing structure that they can work with. Thanks."
Margaret Denis, Disability Claims Team Manager, Colonial

"With her demonstrated commitment to the achievement of my goals I was able to plan and accomplish more than I believed was previously possible particularly in that time period. It is a tribute to her interpersonal skills, encouragement and wisdom that she helped transform my life and career aspirations and ambitions into actual results and measurable achievements. Her pleasant manner allowed me to share and develop my ideas in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust which was an important ingredient in the success of my program. I was impressed with her lateral approaches to situations that arose and her ability to remain focussed on the critical issues. Barbara displayed a very knowledgable and professional attitude to her work."
Chris Mearns, Trainer and Musician

"Thank you so much for the last 4 months. I found the journey a most enjoyable and insightful one. I had a terrific time and what to thank you sincerely for all the effort you put into me over the period. As a coach the elements that I was looking for and found in you as a person were those of an educated, experienced and naturally intuitive person.. You are a good and decerning listener, always well prepared and thorough in your approach, objective in your comments and ready a with a number of different options and vast array of possibilities to encourage and challenge my self limiting belief system and old thought patterns."
Lynne Emanuel, Marketing Manager, The Showcorp Group