Kathy Rodwell


Kathy’s love of the human element of business was first ignited during her corporate career working in large, complex workplaces. Working out how to provide the environment and frameworks that stimulated the best contribution of people’s talent and commitment was far more exciting to her than hitting her next sales target or project deliverable. Moving from corporate insider 15 years ago and following her heart into a coaching career she has carved her niche in Leadership, Executive and Career Coaching.

She delivers leadership coaching programs and career coaching to mid-level through to C-Level leaders and executives, helping them develop the mindset, self-awareness, behaviours and performance required for authentic and inspiring leadership. She facilitates the development of company values, culture and team charters which uphold the standards and commitments of highly performing teams and businesses. Kathy also partners with organisations to develop their people in alignment with succession plans and strategic imperatives.

Kathy says people are challenged by the transition from being highly competent specialists to leaders and enablers, where achieving results with and through others now requires of them a different skill set and a new game plan. Her clients seek out coaching and mentoring because they face a rapidly changing business and internal political landscape that requires them to step-up their leadership capability and their personal resilience. They value having someone who understands both the challenges and the landscape yet is independent of the business and brings new perspectives and tools.

She coaches founders and business owners who have brilliant business dreams, desire for success and maybe a dose of overwhelm or self-doubt. Kathy guides and stretches people into a future they’ve envisioned but haven’t yet materialised on their own.

Kathy has been certified by leaders in the field of Neuro-Semantics and Meta Coaching following completion of what is possibly one of the most rigorous coaching trainings. Using a strengths-based approach, systemic-thinking and cutting edge coaching technologies Kathy partners with individual executives, leading commercial and non-profit organisations, small to medium enterprises, business owners and founders.

Team building and communication (for newly formed or established teams)
Vision and Purpose Development
Organizational Culture Development

Coaching Specialisation
Talent Development
Career Development, Career Transition

Kathy Rodwell Client Testimonials

“Kathy was my business and personal coach prior to the launching of my business Job Capital. I can absolutely credit Kathy for opening my eyes, ears and mind to realizing the possibility that self belief can create anything in life, business or otherwise. Today I run a multimillion dollar enterprise of which I visualized many many months ago with Kathy in my journey to self fulfillment and actualization. Kathy is an expert in her field and I say this with the greatest respect for her work and professionalism.”

Jo Burston, Founder and MD at Rare Birds and at Job Capital – BRW 2012 Best Private Business.

www.inspiringrarebirds.com, www.jobcapital.com.au


“Kathy, I was reflecting today on the goals that I wrote down earlier this year before coming to see you… had I been told at the start of the year what would have happened by the end of the year there is no way I would have believed it! My confidence has built significantly, my business is growing and I now have more than 50 clients I am launching a highly profitable product which is unique to the marketplace and I am giving my first public speaking presentation tonight in front of around 30 complete strangers!”

Michelle Lowbeer, Owner, Delta Wealth


“As a result of my coaching sessions with Kathy I have backed myself and have developed two further businesses! She inspired me so much that I know that I can make a difference to others as she has done for me. As an added bonus, that I did not expect, my relationship with my husband and daughters is the best that it has ever been and I know that this is attributed to the mindset change that Kathy has worked with me on. I now understand the limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my career and personal life and have the tools and behaviours to change this thanks to Kathy. She is amazing, her commitment to her clients unwavering and her ability to ask the ‘hard questions’ in a supportive way fantastic.”

Helen Winter, Director at Trusted Concierge For U, Director at Balance Coaching

“Kathy has empowered me to believe in myself. This belief enabled me to step up and apply for management positions with the knowledge that I was very capable of handling all the requirements of the positions. Kathy gave advice on how to develop key parts of my communication strategy, which included my CV and improved my interview skills. An outcome of being assisted by Kathy in developing my communication strategy was being able to negotiate with my current employer for a new salary package and being rewarded with an increase.”

Lyn Scott, Manager, Pellett Heaters Australia

“Kathy – Just a note to thank you very much for our team session yesterday. We all came away feeling that we had gained something worthwhile and, most importantly, information that we could use individually. And we felt inspired to make some changes! It was a very good team learning session, and I also particularly liked the subtle, but effective way in which you concluded the session, closing the loop, so to speak, so we went away with a clear direction and next steps. I hope we may have you back at some stage to carry on with this.”

Pam Stone, Training and Education Manager, Blackmores Ltd


“The coaching with Kathy has fast-tracked my leadership goals by 2 years. I’m now ready
for the next leadership challenge which is to take on a bigger role with greater responsibility and go into running a business again.”

M.A., Banking Industry

“As a result of my coaching with Kathy we have a completely new way we relate to clients including our spiel and our attitude on the phone with our clients. I have a new motivation for networking which I found very disempowering and arduous before. I also received coaching on my image, particularly when representing my business within the corporate world that I found priceless. Kathy cared about my company and was committed to getting results.”

Jennifer Berridge, Director, Corporate Karma