Michelle Duval

Michelle Duval coaches, speaks, writes and consults with individuals, communities, corporations and global influencers…

As a pioneer into new forms of learning, Michelle helped found the field of professional coaching in Australia in 1997 and became a leading voice forging developmental and transformational coaching worldwide.

Michelle has co-authored two international handbooks on coaching and has been featured in two books recognising ‘the world’s most successful coaches’. She has coached thousands of individuals worldwide.

Together with Dr L. Michael Hall, she has co-developed cutting-edge coaching models used by professional coaches globally, while also training and certifying executive, business and personal coaches in more than 35 countries.

Michelle was a founding committee member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in Australasia in 2000. In 2004 she co-founded the International Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF) for research and accountability for the field to develop into a profession.

As a coach mentor, Michelle assists new and experienced coaches build ethical and realistic coaching practices and business success strategies.

Within Equilibrio International, the first business Michelle founded, she and a team of behavioural and developmental coaches work both personally and professionally with individuals and corporations.

Michelle’s personal specialty as a coach is working with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, CEOs, senior managers, executives and creative artists such as writers, speakers, producers, and actors.

Michelle Duval Client Testimonials

“I’ve worked with Michelle for several years now, and the experience has been invaluable. She’s intelligent, highly intuitive and well-read. Her directness is paralleled with a high level of empathy and support – a beautiful combination to have! I can’t recommend Michelle highly enough and hope to work with her for many years to come.”
Emma Isaacs, Chief Chick, Business Chicks

“I have known Michelle since 1998 when I established the coaching movement here in Australia and New Zealand. I observed Michelle’s involvement in the industry and profession and can testify to her unwavering integrity, passion and commitment she has for her profession. I can go one step further to say that the people that I meet who either know her or have had contact with her personally or professionally speak very, very highly of her! If you are consider working or engaging Michelle in any capacity, you can’t go wrong.”
Toney Fitzgerald, Entrepreneur

“Wow, I feel at peace within, and I discovered my passion and purpose in life. Michelle is incredible at what she does – i.e. facilitates positive transformational changes. She has an innate ability to provide a safe place for you to discover so much about yourself. I just loved her, loved her, loved her. I felt very supported by Michelle. My programme more than exceeded my expectations. Michelle is very sincere and supportive, and she made the coaching programme a wonderful, life-changing experience.”
Marija Castellari, Mother and Coach

“Michelle is an inspiration and has a powerful insight into what makes a company and its leaders successful. Words alone are inadequate to describe her pizzazz and professional approach. She was instrumental in helping us build a values-driven culture. It was our unique culture that we believe doubled our valuation and contributed to our exceeding $100million as our sale price.”
Creel Price

“I will be grateful to Michelle Duval until the day I die. She taught me to believe in myself and my ability to move my career and life forward. She taught me how to be a real mentor and lead my team effectively. She taught me techniques on how to work with management and achieve the outcomes I need for the business and myself (especially for myself). She taught me that it is OK to have big dreams that can come true, as long as we draw the path. I believe Michelle is a woman I will always admire and aspire to be like, she has achieved amazing goals. She has such an amazing aura of strength and confidence; it feels contagious.”
Sophie Fletcher, GM, MPG

“Michelle is one of those rather rare people in business who manage to stay fresh, committed and innovative. Her work is always of the highest quality and integrity and it’s very gratifying to have worked alongside her for most of the last decade. Here’s to the next 10 years!”
Robert Gerrish

“We gained an awareness of our behaviours, both strengths and development areas and the tools and techniques to utilise and develop them. We learnt the key behaviours and thinking styles that have prevented us from achieving success in the past, and we were able to work with Michelle to address these during the coaching. She gave us the tools and confidence to continue to work on them after the coaching. We were able to strengthen our relationship so that we can build on it to create a successful family and business partnership. We were able to achieve the outcomes that we set jointly with Michelle at the commencement of our coaching. We have set a strong foundation for us to achieve success, happiness and alignment in the future. Michelle challenged, supported, understood and guided us throughout the programme. Her knowledge, wisdom, passion and energy amazed us. Her understanding of people and their potential (mind, body and spirit) and the holistic approach she takes to her coaching sets her apart from other coaches.”
Natalie and Stephen Byrne, Directors

“Michelle Duval is an international thought leader in the theory and application of coaching for human potential. Michelle has a gift for listening to the very core of a person, and her empathy is unsurpassed. Combine this her critical thinking and wealth of knowledge, and you will understand that Michelle is a force for positive change. I would highly recommend Michelle as a Coach or Consultant of the highest calibre and integrity.”
Andrew Bryant, CEO

“Michelle is a highly talented coach and entrepreneur, who facilitates deep levels of change in her clients. She is also a creative and inspiring human being that influences people by her presence.”
Marilyn Powell, Managing Director

“I met my coach, Michelle Duval, when I was already midway through my 5th decade of life. She was young enough to be my daughter, yet I can say without hesitancy, she has taught me more than someone with twice her life experience. From the first memorable encounter, I have called her my mentor. I have been lucky since then to also call her a friend and colleague, but I still think of her as a great gift and a powerful guide. She is the most gifted listener I have ever met. This is a rare skill and one that comes naturally to Michelle. It is this ability, I believe, which most profoundly facilitated my own transformation. With Michelle listening, I was able, possibly for the first time, to hear my own voice and to embrace my own learning. This is the most potent form of guidance and support anyone can offer.”
Carrie Zivetz, Director, Writer, Teacher, Actor

“Michelle is someone I often recommend and referred to in presentations, my blog and in published works. Although I have known Michelle for some years and have observed her coaching and training at some length during two or more Master Meta-Coach trainings (where I was the invited master-coach), it was not until this year that I had the great pleasure to see Michelle hold the floor and work at length in coaching master-classes of her own. I know Michelle already as a human miracle of talent, heart and creativity. Observing her master-classes was hugely pleasurable and raised my admiration further. Michelle is without doubt one of the finest coaches on the planet. She has many tools at her disposal, but her work is instinctive; her process is informed gracefully by experience and thorough know-how. Her attention with her coachee is total. She is a ferocious and consummate coach, wholly supportive but placing accountability of the coachee to make progress and be true to themselves as paramount. Michelle is an innovative and successful entrepreneur. Her ideas work, and she fashions and grows confidently on her own inspiring journey of life and change. To meet Michelle is to be honoured. To work with Michelle and co-create with her is a privilege. To be regarded a friend is to be graced. Inspirational!”
Angus McLeod PhD

“There are no words that could express my awe, appreciation and respect that Michelle deserves. Michelle is one of THE most incredible people of this world, and leaves behind a legacy that some people cannot even dream of. Sincere, honest, loving, thoughtful, fair, a giver and genuine, authentic person – what you see is the tip of what you get! Michelle is innovative and considerate, creative and supportive, and after you have spent time in her company, you can feel the goodness and love emanating from her. You know that you have been blessed by this beautiful and humble person. I could go on and on, but suffice to say that Michelle IS awesome and is a person that once you have had anything to do with her, you will never, ever forget her. She is a role model par excellence.”
Lori Harley

For more, please see Michelle’s numerous LinkedIn recommendations https://www.linkedin.com/pub/michelle-duval/8/720/558