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The Top 4 Magic Formula Headlines

According to Copyblogger Media, 80 % of the time most of us look no further than the headline. Peter Koechley, co-founder of Upworthy, has revealed that traffic to a site can vary as much as 500% based on the headline alone. Even i Continue Reading...

Have You Forgotten Your Email List?

With all of the posting, sharing, tweeting and pinning going on these days, you may be under the misconception that email marketing has fallen by the wayside and is an outdated tool. While it’s certainly true that social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are making it easier than ever fo Continue Reading...

How Personal Is Your Social Media Connection?

Social media has revolutionised the business to consumer relationship and changed the way in which we communicate with our clients. As long as it is used correctly, that is. I see many organisations forgetting why social media was created in the first place and misusing what could be a valuable tool for their busine Continue Reading...

Social Media Time Savers Worth Gold!

If you are spending way too much time on social media it is time to make some changes. There are two main reasons that social media takes over our lives.  Do these sound familiar?
  1. We spend too long reading our news feeds
  2. We take too long working out what we want to post each day
Continue Reading...

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