Own a Business and Want Your Life Back?

Are you feeling weighed down in your business with tasks you know are taking up too much time, and taking you away from what it is that you do best?

Have you thought about outsourcing your administration and other tasks to a Virtual Assistant?

Do you know what a Virtual Assistant is?

A Virtual Assistant, like many other professions is not limited to one certain area such as administration. They may be an IT Professional, Marking Guru, Social Media expert, Bookkeeper, Proofreader, Virtual Receptionist, Executive Assistant …yep the list can go on!

A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA) can free up time in your day so that you can work in the areas you are specialized in either by assisting you on an ad hoc basis or a permanent basis. The difference between employing someone and hiring a VA is that the VA works from their own office, using their own equipment and invoicing you only for the actual time spent assisting you. VA’s do not get paid for tea breaks, leave entitlement, Superannuation, sick days, and you do not have PAYGto think about either! Yes, the hourly rate of a VA will usually be more than a paid employee but because they pay their own tax and incurtheir own overheads this means that your outgoings can be kept to a minimum. Therefore hiring a VA works out much cheaper and more viable for small to medium business when taking into consideration the above factors.

So how would you communicate and work with a VA if they are not in front of you each day?

Common modes of communication are:

  • Skype – used for video conferencing between the VA and client. Most partnerships will hold weekly meetings via Skype,either between two parties or they may like to do a group meeting where the entire team, both virtual and in-office staff may be involved
  • Google + -another means of holding Video conferencing and is slowly becoming more popular as it is used with other Google online systems
  • Dropbox -an amazing tool that allows file sharing between colleagues. It’s as simple as creating a folder, inviting  staffto share the folder  which then allows them  to be able to view and edit the file(s) as necessary thereby using this great tool in real time. It means people can work on documents in real time, save it and the next person to view it will see the live updates
  • Teamviewer-another great system where it allows a person to access remotely  another person’s computer (having beforehand been granted  permission to access). Within seconds they will be able to connect remotely to any computers with which they have permissible access
  • VOIP phones -another successful way to have a virtual receptionist answer your calls without the caller being aware that your are using a Virtual Receptionist. The receptionist is able to answer calls in the company name, email messages, transfer calls and even book appointments.
  • Cloud based technology – with the future-thinking new technology available today this type of communication now opens up avenues such as online accounting programs, Social Media opportunities, online form creation services, syncing services plus much more,which means that almostany task can be done virtually.

If you have heard of Virtual Assistants but not sure how they will assist your business and how they can help you gain freedom in your business, I would recommend you take the bull by the horns and get on the phone and talk with one.  Setting up a meeting and talking through areas you know you need to outsource to someone else, even if your not sure how this will work, the VA will be able to assist you and before you know it you will have compete business freedom.


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