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Marketing Your Hospitality Brand: Quick Starter Guide

Author: Endrea

Whether you run a boutique hotel, a small restaurant, or manage an event-planning firm, you know that the hospitality industry is becoming an increasingly competitive field. With many small and large players on the worldwide market, it is becoming increasingly vital to stay relevant to your customer base — and stand out from the crowd. Any business that works in the hospitality field should understand the dynamics of acquiring new customers. 

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How Personal Is Your Social Media Connection?

Author: Chauntelle Rakebrandt

Social media has revolutionised the business to consumer relationship and changed the way in which we communicate with our clients. As long as it is used correctly, that is. I see many organisations forgetting why social media was created in the first place and misusing what could be a valuable tool for their business. I think the term ‘media’ throws people off a little. What you need to remember first and foremost is the social aspect of  

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