Content Is King!

How are you driving visitors to your company’s website? Is your website content engaging and attracting visitors and potential clients on a regular basis?

While having the right website content is important for a professional business website, it’s also critical that the web content informs and engages. There is major value in having a strong online presence, but it needs to be useful and written well in order to make a difference with potential clients.

Let’s explore content marketing a little further.

What is Content Marketing?

Website content falls under the category of content marketing, which is defined as a form of creating online content specifically to attract a targeted audience. This content focuses on the needs and behavior of a target prospect in a non-obtrusive way, with the ultimate goal of driving conversions, sales, and repeat business. Content marketing can involve any of the following: press releases, whitepapers, newsletters, blogs, web pages – dynamic content that engages the reader through helpful and insightful information.

Engage Your Readers

Having a website has become an important part of your overall marketing efforts. With that said, have you thought about how the site’s web content engages your visitors – and potential clients? Here are a few content marketing ideas to start engaging your clients online:

• Compile interesting industry statistics and research
• Respond to a controversial article or video in your industry and offer your thoughts and opinions
• Create an infographic about your industry
• Research questions often asked in your industry through sites like Quora and write a blog or newsletter about it
• Compile a top 10 list pertinent to your niche or industry
• Review a book that pertains to your industry
• Create a beginner’s guide and distribute as an eBook

Having memorable, great content can ultimately help convert sales leads into clients. Website content, when written well, can have an amazing effect on your search engine rankings. Of course, when your content begins to appear on the first page of the search engines, there will be more eyeballs seeing your organic listing, which will result in increased sales and conversions over the long haul.

Engaging web content needs to be persuasive and succinct in order to be effective. Think about it – would you enjoy reading content that was long-winded and boring? Of course not! In one survey, only 16% of test users read web copy word for word, while 79% just scanned a page by picking out individual words and sentences.

Quick Tips for Readable Web Content

Are you taking the time create compelling, memorable content that will drive clients to you? You can have great content, but if it’s not readable, it will be left out in the dust!
Here are a few quick tips about writing readable content for the web:

• Use short paragraphs, short sentences, and simple words
• Use white space to make content stand out
• Use headlines to create interest quickly and tell your readers what you have to offer
• Where possible, use images instead of words to tell a story

Enchant your clients online with memorable, readable content and you will begin to set the seeds down for future sales!


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