To facilitate, is the art and process of making tasks, and the process of change and development easier. It is the simplest description and definition of what coaching is and what coaching is not.

Coaching is not consulting. Professional coaching does not give advice.

Coaching is not mentoring. Professional coaching does not guide others to replicate the coach’s personal success.

Coaching is not training. Professional coaching does not teach skills or information.

Coaching is not counselling. Professional coaching is not focused on fixing or healing.

Coaching is a systemic process that facilitates an individual, group or team, to connect with personal and external resources to achieve a personal or team outcome (Hall and Duval, 2004).

Equilibrio’s coaching programs focus on facilitating :

  • Individuals from all walks of life
  • Groups – public programs for group coaching
  • Teams – executive, business partners, sales, sport, boards, etc.
  • Organisations – small and medium businesses, corporations
  • Couples – husband and wife, families, extended families
  • Business Partners – founders, directors, shareholders, boards, etc.

Ideal Solutions

Business Coaching
Entrepreneurial start-up, business partnering, seeding values driven culture, vision, mission, coping with rapid growth, exit strategy, ideas generation, funding, leadership, business blind spots, break through sabotaging business behaviours, sounding board…
Executive Coaching
CEO and executive development, authentic leadership, onboarding first 90 days, feedback, identifying blind spots, career development and transition, managing internal politics, strategic decision making, communication mastery, building values driven culture, team coaching…
Life Coaching
Work life balance, reduce stress, dream creation, break through sabotaging behaviours, career development and transition, authentic relationships, increase energy and vitality, intimacy, self-confidence and self-esteem, communication skills….