Fingerprint4Success ®

From the results of 15 years ground breaking and continuing research conducted by Equilibrio Founder, Michelle Duval, Fingerprint4Success (F4S) provides a precision diagnostic for predicting business owner’s success and failure.

The F4S studies use mixed methods of qualitative interviews and case studies with Australia’s most successful business owners, property investors and professional coaches, and also a quantitative method of statistical analysis using the Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM).

Four different studies focused on the personal attitudes, motivations and thinking styles that influence:

  • an entrepreneur starting a business and exiting within 5-years
  • growing a business over a 10-year period
  • property entrepreneurs, investors and experts
  • professional coach in practice for more than 10-years

Fingerprint4Success is used as a stand-alone diagnostic or as part of a strategic coaching program. Clients use F4S to:

  • identify business owner blind spots and vulnerabilities
  • assess business partner synergy (including risks and threats)
  • succession and exit planning
  • business owner’s influence on past business struggle or failure
  • business owner’s influence over past business success
  • create a strategic development plan

F4S – Questionnaire

Each F4S participant completes, in their own privacy, a secure online questionnaire administered by our iWAM partner JobEQ. This questionnaire assesses 48 cognitive behavioural attitudes, motivations and thinking styles that relate to preferences in work, decision making, time management, leadership, task management, communication, etc. iWAM compares each participant’s preferences against those of the Australian population to create a statistical (and highly accurate) analysis.

F4S – Individual personal debrief

During a private and confidential 2 hour debrief, participants review and are facilitated to explore the results of their iWAM questionnaire results against the relevant F4S study results (entrepreneurs, business builders, property experts, professional coaches). Natural preferences in alignment for success in participants chosen business venture are examined, and potential blind spots are highlighted and explored.The participant receives a 20+ page personal report and also the F4S formal study results.

F4S – Joint business partner debrief

Following each partner’s individual F4S debriefs (see above), business partners are facilitated to review their joint iWAM results as a business team against the relevant F4S study results. This session is also 2 hours in duration, highlighting partnering strengths and synergies, partnering risks and threats, and also combined blind spots as a business partnership. The participants receive a joint ‘team report’ articulating each partner’s preferences as a comparison to each other.

F4S – Group facilitated debrief (conferences, seminars, private workshops)

During a group debrief, participants of like mind and focus (e.g. a property mastermind group, coach training, business program, etc.) are facilitated through their individual iWAM results and relevant F4S study results. The session is achieved during one full day workshop that combines review, reflection, discussion and exercises. Meaningful debriefs in group sizes as small as 3 participants and as large as 200+.

F4S – Online video debrief

Accessed via an online video portal, participants can review their personal iWAM results and relevant F4S study results. This 2 hour video can be paused, rewound and fast forwarded for personal review and study. Currently F4S video is only available with Professional Coach study results. The F4S video for entrepreneurs, business builders and property experts is coming soon.