Get Your Brand’s Voice Heard Through Content Marketing

Blogs, press releases, articles — it seems like there’s always some new method to get people interested in visiting your website. Yes, that may be true, but there is a beautiful method to the madness!

Traditional marketing is starting to take a backseat to the new game of content marketing. Generally speaking, content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable content to attract a specific audience. It’s the art of communicating with prospects without actually directly selling anything!

Content marketing is an ongoing strategy that takes effort and constant experimentation. Getting traffic to your small business website takes an effective targeted marketing campaign — and a lot of creativity! Properly done, a well-executed content marketing campaign cannot only build your company as an expert resource, but can drive organic traffic through the major search engines.

So what’s the secret to a successful content marketing program? There are three important factors:

  • Creating great content
  • Getting found in the search engines
  • Promoting the content

How do you address the core needs of your customers? Discuss topics and questions that your target audience is thinking about.  Here are a few ideas:

How-to article series
Craft a series of informational articles related to your line of business. For example, if
you own a sporting goods store, articles related to packing for a camping trip or
fishing excursion would be appropriate.

Instructional, how-to videos
This follows the same direction as the how-to article series, but instead you would be
creating the how-to information as a video rather than as an article series.

Case studies
Have happy customers? Then interview them and create a short case study on how
your product or service helped meet their business needs.

Compiling data and research into a visually interesting graphic is what makes it an
“infographic”. The key is to add very interesting content to make it shareable.

An ebook is a long-form version of a blog, which is usually an information guide on a
general topic. It can be a great door-opener for your company’s line of products or

Done effectively, a content marketing program can drive brand awareness over time,
and eventually drive sales and your company’s bottom line!


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