Gratitude lessons from the edge of crisis

At times, life is less than a cut and dry affair. The plan is: friend falls pregnant, friend carries baby to term in a haze of maternal bliss and when the time comes, friend goes into labour and baby is born. Mother and child do well. Happy family.

Yesterday, I came face to face with the reality of what a miracle birthing a baby safely, both for mother and child, really is. Before my very eyes unfolded a situation that snow-balled to near catastrophic proportions where mother and child were in danger… and whilst in a hospital. This reminded me that having the flexibility of mind to uphold real time priorities as opposed to perceived priorities in times of crisis saves the day. The courage to make the call based on ‘what is the priority with what we have, right here right now’ is what matters. Not some ‘should be’, ‘has to be’, ‘hoped it would be’ idealistic version of life, love and humanity.

Yesterday I was awe struck by the mighty human body. Its fierce will to preserve life and paradoxically for that willfulness to turn and threaten life reminds me that a strength has the ability to flip and be over done. The tipping point flipping in a heartbeat.

Yesterday I was humbled and put in my place about modern medicine. It can be powerful and mighty and sometimes this is necessary – this reminds me that my dogmatic position pro natural medicine at times has no context. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be an emergency, sometimes even in everyday life natural medicine is not relevant for the ultimate good.

Yesterday I saluted all the brainiacs out there that have contributed to the creation of the high falutin’ life saving machinery in our hospitals. In a different place on this planet, in a different point in history, my friend and her baby would not have survived.

Yesterday I was reminded about the miracle of pharmaceuticals and that at times they too can fail, just like they can also save two lives…and yesterday they did.

Today, I take pause to reflect on the creator of planet earth and human beings. Their interdependence… and what an insanely amazing entity ‘It’ is. ‘Its’ work is sacred and blessed.

Do you have a gratitude lesson from the edge of crisis that you would love to share? Take a moment and let me know.


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