Live, Work & Play – A Day as a VA

I often meet people who are miserable in their careers. When asking them why, the usual answers are either; they dislike their employer, they are not challenged in their role and are growing bored, they want more time with their families or they want to start a family.

I absolutely LOVE my job as a Virtual Assistant (VA). I feel like a double agent with many characters to play – Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sibling, Business owner, Personal Assistant and just plain old me!

Being a VA means I get work/life balance, I get to wear all hats at different times of the day. My husband works in the mines so the weeks that he is away can be full on, so it’s important to me to run by a daily schedule to ensure things get done. A typical day for me when hubby is away looks a little bit like this:

05:30am        Check my emails and work on MY business

06:30am        Beach walk with the dogs

07:00am        Organise the kids for school

08:00am        Check client emails

08:30am        School run / home duties

09:30am        Client work

11:00am        Morning tea / home duties

11:30am        Client work

12:30pm        Lunch

13:00pm        Work on MY business: Client follow-ups, team check-ins, marketing etc.

14:00pm        Client work

15:00pm        School run

15:30pm        Kids afterschool activities / Check client emails while out of office

16:30pm        My fitness activities

18:00pm        Homework with the kids / kids bath / Prepare Dinner

18:30pm        Dinner

19:00pm        Prepare school Lunches

19:30pm        Kids bedtime / House duties

20:30pm        Client work and MY business work (Usually while watching TV and having some downtime)

22:30pm        Shower and bedtime for me zzzzz

As you can see I am so very lucky in what I get to do each day and this is why I love my job. I have been fortunate enough to be able to choose my career and design my days around my family and my own needs.

Each VA will work differently as each has their own reasons for having their own business and working their own hours. What works well for me may not work for others and vice versa.

When I look back at my previous career, I often wonder how I would have gone and how different my family would be. We have all been fortunate enough that I have been able to attend school events, help my husband with anything he needs and still keep the household running, and all due to me being a VA and choosing my own hours.

If you are looking at a career change to be able to “fit it all in” feel free to contact me. You may be looking at becoming a VA or you may be looking at hiring a VA so you can work around your lifestyle too. Go on take that step into work, life and play!


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