People from all walks of life engage Equilibrio’s personal life and well-being services. Our youngest client has been aged 10, and our oldest has been aged 82. We work with individuals, couples, parents and families.

Some examples of our clients include; students, ‘stay-at-home parents’, professional athletes, pilots, doctors and nurses, entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, lawyers, writers, graphic artists, film makers, accountants, actors, trades men and women, ‘celebrities’ and small business owners.  

People engage us when they want to:

  • make a career change or achieve a promotion
  • increase income and wealth creation
  • reduce debt and sabotaging money habits
  • start or build authentic relationships and partnerships
  • lose weight or achieve ideal body physique
  • increase vitality, energy and well-being
  • overcome chronic or even terminal illness
  • increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • identify life purpose, creativity and personal talents
  • improve communication and self-expression
  • improve intimacy and sexual satisfaction
  • discover the keys to work-life balance
  • reduce stress and procrastination
  • increase happiness and contentment
  • break through stubborn patterns that hinder progress
  • live the habits and values of their faith and spirituality
  • increase social confidence and enjoyment
  • contribute to creating a sustainable society
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