Meta-Coaching ®

Co-developed by coach and Equilibrio founder Michelle Duval, and cognitive behavioural psychologist Dr. L. Michael Hall in 2002, meta-coaching is an advanced coaching methodology for facilitating systemic change and personal and professional development in individuals, teams and organisations (Hall and Duval, 2004).

Meta-Coaches work with an individual or team’s mind, body and emotion system conversationally and co-creatively rather than with the procedural linear approach of basic coaching techniques (Linder-perlz, 2010).

Grounded in the cognitive sciences, systems theory, self-actualising and positive psychologies, meta-coaching is an NLP and Neuro-Semantic coaching system for working at ‘higher’ levels of consciousness required for developmental and transformational change and learning.

The international Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF) have a rigorous process for credentialing and benchmarking meta-coach students against 26 coaching skills and 7 coaching psychology models, exceeding the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) 2006 competencies (Linder-pelz, 2010) and assessment process.

Professional coaches across 40 different countries have achieved the MCF Credential of Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) and are leading change across: organisations, sport, leadership, business, parenting, bullying, spirituality, health, wealth and relationships.

Equilibrio coaches have achieved the ACMC credential and receive ongoing coaching supervision from Michelle Duval while also seeking ongoing professional development.

Meta-coaching programs are custom designed for each individual, team or organisation after an initial consultation or Introductory Coaching Session.

Meta-coaching programs range from 3-months to 12-months in duration, depending on the specific coaching objectives and application of coaching. Frequency of sessions can be weekly or monthly, with the majority ofprograms designed for a session every second week. Sessions range from 1.5-hours and 2-hours in duration. Our program fees are comparative to the medium range of the Australian market.

Contact our Client Services team to find out more about Equilibrio meta-coaching for your specific goals and objectives.

Ideal Solutions

Business Coaching
Entrepreneurial start-up, business partnering, seeding values driven culture, vision, mission, coping with rapid growth, exit strategy, ideas generation, funding, leadership, business blind spots, break through sabotaging business behaviours, sounding board…
Executive Coaching
CEO and executive development, authentic leadership, onboarding first 90 days, feedback, identifying blind spots, career development and transition, managing internal politics, strategic decision making, communication mastery, building values driven culture, team coaching…
Life Coaching
Work life balance, reduce stress, dream creation, break through sabotaging behaviours, career development and transition, authentic relationships, increase energy and vitality, intimacy, self-confidence and self-esteem, communication skills….

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