Now We're Talking - Health for Mature Women

Mother’s Day is around the corner

Do you wish your mum to remain young and vital and live a life of purpose and passion?

This Mother’s Day show your appreciation by gifting your mum this passport to health and vitality.

Now We’re Talking - Health for Mature Women’ will inspire, educate and empower your mum for a zestful life!

It is an easy read, packed with a diversity of topics from laughter, mind-set, Pilates, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, menopause and Thought Field Therapy to genetic profiling and much, much more. Sarah Nanclares, Equilibrio’s Health Coach was invited to contribute the most critical chapter of all – Closing the Knowing Doing gap. Exploring motivation and procrastination so that your mum can translate all this new found knowledge into action.

This enlightening and engrossing book presents a diverse group of wellness-focused women, all experts in their field, specialising in working with mature women: their wisdom will help your mum make the most of what can be the best years of her life, full of freedom, choices, adventures and new challenges.

Special guest authors include: Maggie Beer – cook and author; Lisa Curry – fitness trainer and Olympic Champion; Shelley Taylor-Smith – world marathon swimming champion and Diana Williams – founder of Fernwood Fitness plus 13 health professionals who are all experts in their field.

Now We’re Talking - Health for Mature Women’, is written for a demographic that is demanding recognition and information: mature women who are – or want to feel – vibrant, energetic and vital; who are young-at-heart and eager to live in optimum health for the next stage in their lives.

Exclusive Equilibrio bonus gift for your mum:

Be one of the first 7 people to purchase this book and receive an exclusive 1.5 hour introductory coaching session with author and Equilibrio Health and Life Coach Sarah Nanclares for your mum.

In this one-on-one session, your mum will get the opportunity to talk through the changes she would like to make in her health and well-being with an expert, get a feel and experience of coaching and see how she can make these changes! Your Mum can do this face-to-face with Sarah or on Skype from anywhere in the world!

Your investment is just $24.95


To loving your mum!