Press Release Power

Are you harnessing the power of the written press release to get your small business information out to the public? If you’re not, you are definitely missing out on a great opportunity to maximize exposure for your business.

So, what makes a press release so magical for small businesses? Well, did you know that 80 million people get their news online everyday? That is a huge audience waiting to learn about your product or service. This doesn’t mean writing your press release as an advertisement. The key is to tie your business offerings into the bigger news picture – how is your product or service newsworthy, or how does it tie in with the trends in the marketplace?

Let’s start with the basics: an effective, well-written press release can:

  • Provide relevant and newsworthy information for its intended audience
  • Help establish credibility for the company issuing the release
  • Help target local customers in your neighbourhood
  • Build natural links for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes

The first press release written dates back to 1906, when a train wreck in Atlantic City, NJ, killed approximately 50 people. This tragedy inspired a young Ivy Lee, the PR person behind the Pennsylvania Railroad (who owned the train) to issue a public statement about what happened.

Regardless of the size of your business, a well-written press release can help you get exposure in your market. With placement in trade journals, blogs, and magazines, among other outlets, imagine the possibilities for your business! If your business has a great story to tell the media, it is worth the time investment to submit your release along with a short pitch to the media outlet or journalist who covers that beat or industry.

Generating buzz for your product or service in your local neighbourhood or market is also possible with an online press release. Local marketing has changed with the advent of Google: simply putting an ad in the yellow pages and waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t work anymore.

If you’re not taking advantage of the press release sites, you are doing yourself a disservice. Getting found on Google is the name of the game! With some smart strategy and effort you can significantly grow your business with the digital tools available, and a press release strategy can help build your presence online.

So what’s the best part about an online press release? Many of the sites you can submit to are free of charge! There are a few select paid services that get you wide distribution and exposure, and are certainly worth exploring. But if you’re on a budget and looking to get the most bang for your buck, then submitting your press release announcement to any number of free press release sites is a great time investment.

Having these press releases visible on these sites can generate a large number of click-throughs to your website, and boost your search engine ranking results! Remember, it is important to supply news of value, while at the same time highlight and maximize exposure for your business.



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