Ready, Set, Go!

So, you’ve written your piece, its brilliant, fantastic, the best you’ve every done! But…

Have you had your piece professionally proofread?

No!  Why not?

Of course you can proofread yourself, but after you have probably spent anything from an hour to a whole day, or longer writing your masterpiece, re-reading again and again can often mean that you fail to see any errors.

Are you good at proofreading your own work? Give this a try and find the four mistakes in the following piece:

Sunshine is deliciouse, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilerating; there is relly no such thing as bad waether, only different kinds of good weather. (Quoted from Ruskin).

 How did you go? Did you get them all?

To assist, if you proofread your own work, here are a few basic tips to help:

  • Read it aloud to yourself; what your eyes miss your ears may well pick up
  • You really need to spell check your piece, this may only take a few minutes but it is well worth the effort, most software packages have a spell checking tool – spelling mistakes are careless and unprofessional
  • Read your piece several times before sending what you believe to be the final draft to a professional proofreader for the last look-over
  • Do not use bad language, it is unnecessary and will not win over your viewing public
  • Use suitable words for your audience
  • You also need to remember that grammatically one of the easiest mistakes isthe placement of a comma, which can be crucial in the meaning of your sentence.


Ok, so you’ve proofread your own piece and it’s been set in type and you’re ready to go! or are you …..?  Could you bear the publisher sending back your work to you because of typos?  So why not outsource your book/article/document to a professional proofreader to have the last look-over?

Professional Proofreaders usually have a high attention to detail, an excellent command of the English language and are excellent spellers.  Proofreading can be a tedious ‘extra’ to your already busy workload, but some of us love the tedious attention to detail, and therefore find it so satisfying to assist you to produce an excellent written piece without any typographical or grammatical errors.  It takes a quiet area, a great cup of coffee and a concentrated mind to proofread.

Did you know that with the advances in technology today there are not only hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there potentially reaching millions of readers but there are millions of websites and thousands of e-books!   All of which need to be proofread before being published. And we wonder why writers entering work into any of the above categories often get so caught up in the contentof their piece and in their excitement to publish that they fail to get the piece proofread and that could be a big mistake.


Ok, so the work you have spent the last however long writing has been professionally proofread and you are confident it’s the best it will ever be – it is finally ready to go. Yay! At Last!

Your publisher is happy to receive an excellent piece of work which is also grammatically correct with no typos.

Being a professional proofreader there is nothing I love more than to see a beautiful clean copy and nothing I hate more than reading a piece of beautifully written work only to find that it has errors.

You write your piece with pride so don’t let your piece down with bad grammar and spelling mistakes.



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