Most people confuse self-esteem with self-confidence. If they don’t do that, they confuse self-esteem with feeling good about oneself or feeling a sense of dignity from the recommendations and approval of others. Yet none of these descriptions refer to self-esteem.

In Neuro-Semantics and Equilibrio we make a critical distinction between self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-esteem is about you as a person and self-confidence is about your skills and abilities, what you can or cannot do.

Self-esteem is about an unconditional state of positive regard for yourself and is something that only you can give to yourself.

Self-confidence is your personal level of belief in your ability to perform a skill. It is about you as a human doing. It is conditional on what you can and cannot do and therefore is earned or developed over time and through experience.

Equilibrio specialises in helping individuals to develop solid and sustainable self-esteem and evolving self-confidence in specific skills and abilities. Contact one of our Client Coordinators today to see if you are eligible for an Introductory Coaching Session.

Adapted from Actualise – The Life and Work Oracle article by L. Michael Hall The Final Word on Self Esteem