Culture and Values

When you walk into a business or engage with a team, youimmediately get a feeling or sense of the company. In literally a few seconds, without the need for conscious reflection, you take in the décor, the style of clothing, how quiet or loud the environment is, how desks and workstations are designed and how you are greeted (or not!).

Before you found your way into the office, you already made some initial assessments from what you could see on the company’s website and social media pages and any chatting you have already had with team members by phone or email.

All of these qualities gave you a felt-sense experience of the company, and told and showed yousomething about the company’s culture.

Culture is bredout of a conscious proliferation and reinforcement of desired values. Values determine how we make decisions, what we feel is important and are our moral compass for right and wrong. Values drive all human behaviour and are the very fabric that binds family, ethnic and religious cultures together.

Through the sharing and repetition of rituals, language, celebrations, awards, and praise, and from our biological wiring for belonging, we all partake in behaviour that represents the cultures that we belong to. Most of us have witnessed abehaviour that may be ‘respectful’ in one culture could be considered ‘offensive’ in another. It is values that determine what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in each culture.

In the same way as experience family, ethnic and religious culture, we too experience organisational culture in the companies that we work within. Those cultures have either unconsciously evolved out of the values of the founders or managers leading them, or have been consciously and very deliberately cultivated from clearly defined values.

Global companies such as Apple, Google, Zappos, IBM, and Amazon, are all potent examples of companies that have consciously created their culture, andintentionally and strongly lead using their values. These companies recruit, induct, develop, promote, fire, brand, market, sell, and engage with the wider community based on their values.

Equilibrio has proudly supported numerous companies to intentionally create and lead a values drive culture, e.g. Blueprint Management Group, Ezy Pay, Wagamama, Style Tread, Fishwah, Leonda by the Yarra, and Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint, to name just a few.

Equilibrio facilitates:

  • directors and shareholders aligning their values
  • elicitation and alignment of company values through all levels of the company
  • values communication strategy and execution
  • proliferation of values through company systems
  • values reward and recognition
  • review and assessment.

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