Global companies such as Apple, Google, Zappos, IBM, and Amazon, are all potent examples of companies that have consciously inspired a values led culture. These companies recruit, induct, develop, promote, fire, brand, market, sell, and engage with the wider community based on their values.

Equilibrio has proudly supported numerous Australian companies to intentionally create and lead a values driven culture, e.g. Blueprint Management Group, Ezy Pay, Wagamama, Style Tread, Leonda by the Yarra, and Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint, to name just a few. Equilibrio facilitates:

  • directors and shareholders aligning their values
  • elicitation and alignment of company values through all levels of the company
  • values communication strategy and execution
  • proliferation of values through company systems
  • values reward and recognition
  • values review and assessment
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