Equilibrio are world pioneers in the field of health coaching, focusing on mental and emotional well-being, weight loss, optimal energy and vitality, disease prevention, and healing otherwise ‘incurable’ or ‘terminal’ illness.

Equilibrio health coaching was birthed out of a medically 'incurable' terminal prognosis that Equilibrio founder Michelle Duval was given in 2003. She had rare and aggressive autoimmune brain disease that was destroying Michelle’s frontal lobe. At the same time she was also diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Michelle was given a prognosis of 6-months before she would be deaf, blind and mute, and only 2-years before the disease would be fatal.

Within a collaborative co-coaching partnership with friend and fellow coach Sarah McIntyre, who also had an otherwise ‘incurable’ autoimmune disease, they both developed integrative coaching practices for working with immune disease and neurological disorders.

During this time Michelle and Sarah engaged with more than 70 different women and men with immune disease or neurological disorders to discover profoundly similar correlations in specific cognitive behavioural patterns, life experiences, spirituality, amongst other common shared environmental factors.

Michelle and Sarah worked with and experimented with leading medical, integrative and energetic practitioners in Australia and globally including fellow Equilibrio Health Coach and Naturopath, Sarah Nanclares. Michelle and Sarah used these discoveries and the resources and system they created to experience 100% healing and well-being in themselves and with the clients they both work with. The body of work became known as Energetic Living.

If you want to take charge of your health and well-being contact Equilibrio today to see if you are eligible for a complimentary Introductory Coaching Session with Sarah Nanclares or Michelle Duval.