Let’s face it – ideal job fit is one of the greatest challenges for any employer when hiring or for candidates making career moves. Anxiety during and post decision-making can run high. Decisions are made on 'gut feel' or from a ‘hope and a prayer’ that honest reference checking, psychometric testing and insightful interview techniques reveal ideal attitude, motivation, skills, experience and values. Yet, very often these recruitment strategies fail for both the candidate and the employer. Mistakes are certainly costly. Approximately one third of our adult life is spent at work1, and employment2 and work conditions are key determinants to our health and well-being3. Costly also for employers; absenteeism, just one symptom of poor job fit, is estimated to cost the Australian economy a staggering $7 billion per year4. We at Equilibrio positively solve this problem. Our services to candidates, employers, and recruiters facilitate ideal job fit. Contact us today to find out how.