When it comes to transformational and sustainable change, awareness of personal talents, strengths and sabotaging behaviour is essential to success. Without insightful diagnostics and external feedback from trusted sources, executives and leaders are otherwise left to rely on self-awareness alone.

Equilibrio’s Stakeholder Feedback takes the guesswork out of change and supports executives and leaders to confidently identify focused development areas.

Working with an Equilibrio coach, an executive or leader identifies a core group of trusted people whom they work or collaborate closely with. This group of people may include managers, senior leaders, mentors, business partners, team members, or a life partner. This group of people become the ‘stakeholder feedback group’.

Feedback is facilitated through private and confidential interviews by Equilibrio, using a very specific form of behavioural questioning. Transformational feedback is delivered sensitively and anonymously to protect the confidentiality of the stakeholder, unless otherwise agreed.

Leaders and executives receiving Equilibrio feedback most often tell us, despite the precise and potentially confronting feedback that is gathered, they came away from their feedback session feeling “relieved” and even “excited” to receive such impactful and high quality feedback.

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