Welcome to your coaching program. We are excited to be working with you to help achieve your goals.

As you will be conducting your sessions with your coach via Skype, it is important that you set up your Skype Video settings so that you gain the best possible quality of coaching and get the feeling that you are there in the room with your coach.

We have created some outlines below in which you should follow to help ensure your session runs smoothly.

  • Ensure there is enough light on your face and back ground. This is best achieved if your camera is near a window with natural lighting.
  • Ensure your camera is positioned so your face and body are centered and not to one side of the screen.
  • Do not have the camera too close to your face – a good arms length away from your body is best as this will capture from your upper body and your shoulders.
  • Ensure the background is free from distraction and anything you may not want your coach to see in the background.
  • Ensure there is no background noise, close any doors in the room you are situated and keep outside noise interference to a minimum.
  • Sound check your microphone and speakers before each call / session.
  • Turn off mobile phones before you start your call.
  • If using a dual screen ensure you are viewing your coach on the same screen as the camera ie you are not viewing your coach on one screen and the camera capturing you from the other.
  • Continue to self monitor through the Skype session by looking at your own camera capture window that appears on Skype or Google hangout, usually in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

  • Coach Set Up

    Your coach will abide by the same outlines above. If at anytime your coaches video is not clear or free from any of the distractions as outlined above please inform them right away and they will do the same for you.