Saturday 8 March 2014
One-day Event
Level 2, 95-99 York Street, Sydney NSW

Special one day event for Practitoniers

  • Coaches, Doctors, medical specialists, physcotherapists, naturopaths, consultants, therapists, counsellors, personal trainers, etc.
Ongoing developments in the spheres of neuropsychology and psychoneuro-endocrinology (PNE) have illustrated the profound influences that exist between emotional states and body function. We have recently arrived at a point in our understanding of this science where much of the chemistry underpinning wellness, performance and leadership has been identified.

The challenge has always been to develop a comprehensive application which would provide a comprehensive platform for accessing this chemistry. To this end neurosurgeon Dr Ian Weinberg developed the neuropsychological-based Triangles Model in 1991. Over the years the model became more comprehensive as a result of ongoing research in the related fields of study.

Today the model is unique in that it is the only application of its kind to be medically accredited, incorporating validated neuropsychological and PNE concepts with an accurate diagnostic assessment program. The model has also been academically validated. It is the leading application directed at the mind-body dynamic. In this way the model has provided a logical and comprehensive  access to the chemistry of wellness, performance and leadership such that appropriate enhancing interventions can be designed and implemented.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Exploration within the science of the mind-body connection
  • Instrument for accessing and enhancing the chemistry of wellness performance and leadership
  • Personal diagnostic results from the Triangles Model
  • Neuro plasticity framework for building upon existing modalities and interventions
Fee $297 incl GST.


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About Dr Ian Weinberg

Dr Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon by profession. He is also a pioneer in the relatively new science of applied psychoneuro-endocrinology (PNE) which in effect is the enhancement of the physiology of wellness and performance through mind state optimization. In 1992 he developed the Triangles Model, which served as the core program for all facilitation and intervention. In 1999 he developed the first of the PNE diagnostics and in 2010 he developed the definitive Neurosomatics application. This application provided the coaching access to the chemistry of wellness, performance and leadership.

Ian is consulted by clinical, corporate and private individuals in regard to the implementation of wellness and performance-enhancing strategies. He continues to make himself available for workshops and presentations and also facilitates accredited medical workshops for the medical and para-medical professions.

See you there!

Michelle Duval
CEO Equilibrio