To Self-Publish Or Not To Self-Publish

It’s your decision!

Do you use a publisher to get your book published or do you self-publish?

A huge decision that needs careful thought.


You can scan the internet and find hundreds of blogs and articles on hundreds of websites that will express opinions and give you information as to whether it is better to self-publish or use the services of an established publisher. You really need to research all the information to enable you to make the right decision for you. It can be scary as there is a lot of confusing information out there, so take your time to get all the information you need. You are the only one who knows what you want to get out of your book, so the ultimate decision has to be yours. Do you want your book to be a best-seller? Do you want to have your name out there? Are you interested in making money from your book? OR Do you just want to be an author and are not really concerned with monetary gain? It really is your choice.

Below are some of the things you may need to consider when making your decision:

a) Is important for you that your books are offered in bookstores?
b) It could take 12 months or more for your book to be published – can you wait that long?
c) You may have to give up significant rights to your IP if you let someone else take the risk of getting your book into mainstream distribution – are you prepared for that?
d) Does your profession require the status that comes from publishing will a well-known publisher?
e) Do you want to oversee the distribution of your book or leave it to others?

Below are only a few of the many, many articles that you may come across in your search for the information:

1. “Self-Publishing a Book: 25 Things You Need to Know

2. “Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

3. “Why I’m Self-Publishing

There are several steps you need to take; whether you are self-publishing or using a publisher. If you want to be self-published you will need to set up your own publishing business and do all the steps, as well as the milestones yourself, with the help of your Professional Author’s Assistant.

After considering all the facts, and once you have made your decision, you will then need to establish what your next move is!
A couple of things that are important:


It is fairly important that you set a budget for the publishing of your book, you can use a simple excel spreadsheet just to keep track of those expenses. Having a budget to work to will enable you to see the cost of producing your book, which will be extremely valuable information – especially if you want to build an empire and write more books!

You can decide to have an overall budget that encompasses all the stages, or you may want to have each stage of the process with its own budget so that you can keep track of the minute details. Again, that is your choice, but to be able to fund a project from writing to publishing it is important to know your expenditure, as there is no real gain in writing to publish if your publishing budget is bigger than your book!

Publish timeline

The other important aspect of publishing is a timeframe. It is you, the author, who has the final say in each stage of your book, so setting a publish date gives you and your team a timeframe to work towards. My respectful suggestion would be to start with a fairly loose timeframe, say around 4-5 months to self-publish but then as each stage of the process is managed the timeframe can be tightened up, thereby possibly giving you extra time to sort out anything that my crop up before your publish date. Your Professional Author’s Assistant is there to help with this process.

Two of the most important aspects of organising your book to publish has to be how much will it cost and how long it will take. The above outline gives you a starting point to begin the process.


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