Writing To Publish

Are you writing to publish? How do you know you can do it on your own? Do you have the knowledge, skills and resources? There is help available in the form of a Professional Author’s Assistant and here is what they do take you from manuscript to publishing effortlessly.

Getting it down

Ok so you’ve started writing, let’s just assume that you are writing a book.

You have the skills to start the writing process; an outline of your idea, how the chapters will break up your plot, who your characters are. After completing a couple of chapters you may find it useful to run some of your thoughts past a well respected ‘other’ to see how you are travelling. A Professional Author’s Assistant (PAA) could be the perfect sounding board for you or, if you prefer, your PAA can research an appropriate mentor for you.

Writing is a solitary process

Unless you already have a publisher to guide you, chances are all you know about is how to write. Until such time as you succeed in producing your first publication, it might not be obvious how a PAA can ease the process for you, however, once you’ve used one you will wonder why you slogged it out alone.

A PAA knows how to pull a team of resources around you to take you through the many stages from manuscript to publication. They take responsibility off you and schedule tasks that would otherwise disrupt your creative flow.

How Does and Author’s Assistant Support You?

An author needs support to keep a book project on budget and on time. The PAA you select should be able to understand the whole project and assist you to achieve your goal.

A PAA is an expert who will anticipate and advise you of the steps you need to take. They will ‘keep your house in order’; research content for you, fact check, answer your mail / telephone, type letters and keep your database of contacts up to date. They will be your professional support person, your gate-keeper, the person sharing your vision. You set the position description depending on the needs of the project.

Getting a book published is an expensive exercise, engaging an PAA is simply part of the costs associated with achieving your dream. However, a PAA can save you money be being a driving force to encourage the discipline for you to get your work completed.

An experienced PAA, however, will offer you so much more than simply setting out the steps you need to take to publish. He or she will be skilled at establishing a good working relationship with you. You in turn will need to develop the skills to be clear in your communication with them.

Every writing project is different, but there are some time consuming fundamentals that a PAA can anticipate. For example, copyright issues and ISBN application. Your PAA can also help find team members. For example, you may require a proofreader, editor, graphic designer and publisher. Your PAA will be able to assist locating these much needed professionals.

Remember that a PAA is not there to be a publishing strategist or a writing coach. So the best start you can make is to find out what your assistant can do to help you, knowing that they can at least shorten and smooth the process.

As a PAA I provide much needed guidance so that the important tasks at each stage of the process run smoothly.

Check List

There are several things an author needs to take into consideration whilst writing; the following is only a taste of what to expect from a PAA:

a)  Gather in an orderly manner all the detailed reference information

b)  Keeping source documents organised

c)  Researching target reader/audiences – this information helps convince a publisher that the reader needs your type of book

d)  Fact check the information in the book to ensure it is up to date, consistent and accurate

e)  Seek permissions to use ‘quotes’ or ‘testimonials’ etc.

Finding an Author’s Assistant

So, now you know you don’t have to do it all on your own. Be proactive and get yourself a Professional Author’s Assistant for your book, a journal, newspaper or magazine article or academic paper and be liberated from the things that keep you from being your creative best




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