Sarah Nanclares

MPNLP & NS, ND, Dip Bot Med, Dip Hom, ACMC

One of Australia’s most sought-after senior Business Life coaches, Sarah has been coaching individuals and businesses to excel for more than 14 years. Sarah also has 18 years of experience in the natural medicine sector where she focused on neuroscience and its impact on health, leadership, and performance.

Using this extensive coaching expertise, Sarah has supported hundreds of companies to innovate and grow. In the Executive and Business Life Coaching space, she specialises in working with values, partnerships, innovation, stress, building self-esteem, confidence, motivation and procrastination, self-sabotaging patterns and work-life integration for business owners and professionals.

Sought out by media as a leading authority in her field, Sarah has spoken at public forums, conducted public seminars and industry workshops. A published author, Sarah co-wrote a woman’s health book with Australian swimmer Lisa Curry and iconic cook Maggie Beer, compiling the critical chapter on motivation and procrastination.

Sarah continues to write feature articles for market-leading magazines as a subject matter expert on behavioural and developmental coaching.

With real-world experience in managing teams to perform and knowing what it takes to run an industry-leading business, Sarah coaches business owners, senior company leadership and start-ups to enable their unique genius for business and personal success.

Sarah is also Senior Coach at Fingerprint for Success where she coaches business builders and entrepreneurs to become high-performance leaders and facilitate building better founding teams.

“It’s all about using an evidence-based cognitive behavioural coaching framework to interrupt old patterns, enabling clients to access a new vision for themselves and develop the mind set that drives change that sticks.”


“You have helped me this past year to work through the toughest times I have had to face in my life.  To accept and heal the hurts of my past. I will be forever grateful for you. 

Sarah, your coaching has helped me to become more confident in my approach to my business and lead with awareness and optimism.

I believe more people should reach out and do this for themselves as it’s worth a thousand times more than the price of the programme.”

SL, Director, Property Investor

“I am capable of making change myself however, I knew that I’d reached my limit of knowing what, where next. During my coaching sessions with Sarah, I felt utterly supported that my dreams, goals and aspirations where there for my making. I learnt a lot about myself, achieved change in one business and growth in another. In starting a third, I know what to look out for that may hinder my life goals. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough – it’s like having a secret ‘weapon’ as you are navigating change in your life.”

 Jo Balfour, Director, Empty Bags, FitTin, Progressiva

“Through the work I have done with Sarah over the last 7 months means that I have scheduled 6 property projects to complete for myself personally which I plan to do over the next 18 months. I have done some figures and they will add over $ ½ million to our net worth and increase our cash flow by about $50K/annum. In addition to this I will be building 3 houses- one for each of our kids and this will give them equity of over $100K each in their houses.”

“So this is a HUGE THANK YOU to you coach for kicking me up the bum when I needed it (you also inspired and enabled me).”

Chris Stoneman, MD, Apartment Management Services Mt Buller

“We have been coaching with Sarah for 9 months now. In that time, the combination of Sarah’s exceptional coaching skill and our commitment has translated into a 40% increase in our net profit. In less than 9 months, we have increased our rent role by 25 rooms.

We have automated and improved our business efficiency so that we now work less overall which means we have our weekends back and most Fridays go out for lunch somewhere together. Our marriage has improved because we are better able to talk and solve problems. We no longer hold grudges, mind read and there is way less stress and anxiety.

These results are better than we expected and we absolutely believe in the power of coaching.”

Iris Property Management

“I have now completed two coaching programmes with Sarah Nanclares. The first programme centred on my professional life and through the work with Sarah I began to understand my impact on my peers in the workplace and my lack of effectiveness. Together we developed very specific KPIs and action plans, and I focussed on these every week, reporting back to and meeting with Sarah on a regular basis to discuss progress, appraise results and adjust where necessary. Maybe because I was opening to changing my life, maybe I was tired of the status quo, maybe I was curious about another approach, or maybe because she is a coaching master, I did change, people around me changed and I had a new set of tools to work with. Excellent.

The second programme has really focussed on my personal and home life. It has been extraordinarily confronting for me. I acknowledged that I was absolutely complicit in how my life was unfolding. I wasn’t loving it, and again with a tough examination of the issues, the settling of KPIs and action plans, and the participation in some tough activities, I feel that my journey is back to being joyful. In the end, I think that’s what I want, a joyful and fulfilled life. Sarah has helped me achieve this.”

DP, Head of Merchandising

“When I decided to take on a coach I didn’t really know anything about coaching or what to expect but what I did know is I needed someone to help me to address some of my iWAM inconsistencies in regards to being a successful property developer.

Working with Sarah has been a life changing experience and she has been instrumental in helping me move forward, identifying areas I needed to work on and also helping me set some challenging KPI’s to get me to where I needed to be. Sarah’s vast knowledge and experience was evident from the word go. Sarah is understanding, kind, supportive, compassionate, firm when needed and passionate about helping her clients be the best they can possibly be.

I am now more aware of where I need to focus my intentions and I have noticed I am much more focused, productive and driven in the areas of my goals and KPI’s and more likely to challenge myself in situations that make me uncomfortable.”

S.T, Property Business Owner

“I was looking to challenge myself after 15 years running my own business. I reached out to find a business coach who could take my management skills to the next level, so that I could achieve both my business & personal goals. I had wanted to take the leap to invest in my own learning & am so glad that I followed through.”

L. Haining, Business Owner

I met Sarah at a very bleak time in my life, when my health concerns demanded all of my attention. Originally, I intended to engage Sarah as a health coach, just to focus on my health issues.
I quickly realised that my coaching sessions with Sarah were life-changing moments.
Sarah is so skilled at what she does, she gave me the freedom to find my own path, gently guiding me without ever overwhelming me with information.
During our sessions, I feel that doors are opening for me and I can see new options presenting themselves. Sarah saw my blind spots and gave me the tools to explore the unknown, standing by my side and encouraging me all the while.
There are only a handful of people in the world that I wish I had known all my life, Sarah is one of them.

“Sarah you are like a magician to me. Every time when I have coaching with you, I feel that my path opens again and more options are available to me. I am feeling energised again.”

K. Jian, Financial Controller

“Coaching with Sarah has really focused and re-energised my life. I’m more accepting of my health situation and its impact on future work, even though it is not what I want it to be. This has released lots of background stress and anxiety and has opened up my eyes to priorities in life and further potentials for me. It is easier for me in business to get alignment and agreement from clients and thus better business results. I have learnt to shift my mindset dramatically about my rules and expectations with my health and life generally and what I am responsible ‘to’ and ‘for’. It’s exceeded my expectations as I have learnt skills for a lifetime.”

Director, Advertising industry

“Sarah is an inspiring and amazing person who got to know me really well, quickly, Sarah responded and worked with me in a manner that I felt really comfortable with, yet, I did feel that at times, Sarah acted in a certain way that challenged me.

Sarah has a medical/dietician background which was a surprise and it helped me through some situations, that had Sarah not had that experience, perhaps could not have assisted as effectively.

My key learnings: I now have a high level of emotional intelligence, I know how to respond to others, I am detailed thinking, I can comfort myself more effectively, embrace emotional feelings, i.e. sadness, I am valuable, I have a strong sense of self worth. I am comfortable not having a man in my life.

My Key resources: To ensure that I remain in control of my life and keep myself accountable, I will be writing a list of my values, beliefs and creating action plans to ensure that I remain on track. ”

K.Lloyd, Fitness Industry

“As a vision impaired person living and working in a sighted world I had learned confidence but struggled to believe I deserved what I had now. I thought I was not entitled to hope for, or expect a great future. Through coaching I learned lots of new tools and gave myself the greatest gift. I have self-esteem and self-confidence, I’m not only successful but I’m proud to be so in spite of my challenges. I’m so grateful to my coach to help me achieve such huge personal growth.”

E.W, Public Sector 

“Angel, devil, friend, mentor. Sarah and I were a good fit. I imagine that she is able to alter her approach based on the client. I felt that she read me very well and her style allowed me to benefit at the highest possible level.”

“Compasses, maps we have invented these to help us navigate through unfamiliar territory and arrive at our desired destination. Why, when it comes to the internal frontiers of our heart and mind do we let ourselves wander in the dark? I wandered through my own confusing inner forest for years proud for just surviving. My Equilibrio Coach allowed me to discover my own path taking me from existing to thriving. Now, that’s something to be proud of!”

My key learnings:

“Emotions are tools, emotions aren’t reality, and emotions do not equal illness. I matter, I’m not broken. Black and white thinking serves me; it doesn’t define me (unless I let it). Breathe.”

Paul Seitz, Actor

“Thanks to Sarah, I’ve been able to see the world around me in a whole new way – for the better! As someone who couldn’t envisage being truly happy within her own skin and in her own life, I can confidently say now I’ve reached that place where I am completely proud of myself and very happy in life, even if there are turbulent times.

Moreover, with Sarah’s genuine concern and willingness to help me, I have been able to overcome the Anorexia/Bulimia that I have been struggling with for the past 6 years. As I understand how hard it can be to overcome eating disorders, having failed many times over the years and even with clinical help, I also understand that support, encouragement and sincere care and empathy are great contributors to helping anyone with Eating Disorders along their recovery.

Sarah has been all of those for me from the start, as someone who truly cared and empathised, and continually encouraging me (when I failed to recognise myself) as I pulled through each hurdle. With Sarah’s help, I had the confidence that I could overcome it because her support gave me strength and energy. Thank you so much Sarah for helping me in becoming someone I am proud to be, and for helping me overcome Bulimia and other self-destructive behaviours, and all in 3 months – something incredible for me, as I had believed I would spend the rest of my life feeling and being as I was.”

K. Yanai-Nguyen, Writer and Social Media Strategist

“I always had a sneaking suspicion I was hiding behind an alternative version of myself. I knew I was capable of so much more and yet had no idea how to access that potential. I had reached as far as I could go in my career being that version and needed help peeling back the layers to reveal the true me. Since finishing my coaching journey I have enrolled in education that will progress me within my current employment and have had the confidence to take on larger more complex projects. I have learned new skills to assist me and the confidence I have in my ability has increased. I have also developed deeper relationships with my children and feel so engaged in their lives now. I was preoccupied with feelings of inadequacy most of the time, which robbed me of the present. I believe this was a very valuable experience; it has helped me learn about myself, my strengths, areas requiring work and self forgiveness. I have a better understanding and respect for other people and their different relationship styles which helps immensely in my current role.”

M. Rundle, Project Manager at IBM

“I undertook the coaching as I recognised that the way I thought and dealt with matters was not always the positive. The coaching provided was excellent in that it was tailored to my issues and life-long skills were provided in how to handle these situations. The broader team at Equilibrio was highly professional and in particular my coach provided excellent resources and skills for me to take away and use in relationships and the workplace. I would highly recommend Equilibrio for those seeking to improve themselves and believe the cost is an investment in your future.

Coaching facilitated great changes in my life. The changes it facilitated were in me. Through a facilitated process of self-realization I became acutely aware of, and fully appreciated my existing strengths, skills and abilities, and particularly how to use them more effectively. I also became aware of patterns that I had adopted over the years that were nor serving me or those around me at all well. Through the skilful coaching I received I was able to overcome and replace the patterns with the result that things have improved not only for me, but those around me. The ripple effect has been very positive and considerable.”

D. Lowe, Coach

“I gained a new career with the confidence that it was right for me. As well, I lost weight, increased my fitness and have a renewed confidence in myself, my family and the future. My coaching was very thorough, positive, in depth, supportive, challenging and most importantly effective.”

M. Pyc. Structural Engineer

“I gained an understanding and new appreciation of my own uniqueness, a fresh recognition of being on a spiritual journey together with a clearer identification of my own strengths and weaknesses, belief systems, personal goals and passions. Given that I was in a highly emotional state of shock and grief, it was very important to feel supported and cared for but also to be coached in believing in a future and a good one at that! Although it was also an intense time, your coaching provided me with hope, direction and confidence in my own abilities, intelligence and intuition.”

J.P., Assistant to HR Director

“It was difficult, but rewarding. I think many of the benefits actually occur after the coaching itself. it is a great platform and tool for change – but made me realise real change begins and ends with yourself.

I feel it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It has changed my life.

A wonderful human being, warm, compassionate and a warrior.”

M.L., Editor

“You unblocked the pipe.

It was very rewarding each session dug deeper and got to the core of my problems. A lot of work was done outside of the sessions and I’ll take my lessons learn’t away with me. I feel like a new man. I hope to do some more coaching in the future.

Very skilled and knows how to get the best out of you in short time frame and also knows how to get to the cause of the problem quickly and start coaching”

D. Stojanovski, Marketing Specialist

“Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Sarah has a rare combination of skills with her knowledge of health, intertwined with her NLP and coaching tool box. As a practitioner she is caring and knowledgeable and has the ability to break issues down to the most basic level, so that they can be viewed from a solutions-oriented perspective. Sarah offers a palpable empathy to her clients, yet never loses focus on delivering desired outcomes. Sarah is practical, resourceful, generous with her time and highly skilled at enabling her clients to change their lives for the better.”

N. Hartigan, Recruitment Specialist

“I was prepared for the first time with a solid mental game with the tools to overcome any mental stresses that came up!This confidence has really improved my whole life outlook. I think it improves my professional game – and will be vital in my next stepsprofessionally. For the first time, I have a team, I am a boss, and I am okay with that – because I am deserving of it and I allow myself to have that success.