Developed in Belgium in 2000 as a result of recent evolutions in cognitive science research, Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) is widely used in North America, Europe and now in Australia.

iWAM is the only diagnostic that specifically identifies 48 personal work and job preferences, in highest and lowest preference, while also contrasting and comparing preferences against those of the Australian working population (Census, 2011).

Leaders use iWAM for assessing leadership preferences and blind spots, replicating themselves in succession planning and for personal career planning and development, stand alone or as part of an executive or leadership coaching program.

iWAM measures a leader’s personal preferences and priorities on:  

  • power, affiliation,and achievement
  • decision making preferences and styles
  • project management approach
  • strategic and visionary thinking
  • levels of innovation and creativity
  • emotional intelligence
  • requirements for variety and change
  • social contact and team work
  • level of autonomy and shared responsibility
  • appreciation of details, systems, structure and procedures
  • value on connection, rapport and networks
  • people, money, systems, activity, status, time
Some of the companies using iWAM in Australia include Toyota, Colonial First State, Foster’s Beer, Abigroup, BOC Gas, BMW, Delfin Lend Lease, Style Tread, Mortgage Choice, Tourism NSW, University of Newcastle, Ultimate Achievers, Energy Australia, XstrataCoal, Be Learning, Ford Motor Company, TV1& Sci-Fi, John Holland Constructions, Event Emporium, and more.

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