At the heart of laser focused change and development is transformational feedback. This is a very special kind of feedback, the kind that facilitates immediate self-awareness, shines the spotlight on the specific behaviours, and identifies steps and stages towards positive and rewarding change.

Equilibrio specialises in empowering leaders, parents and coaches with the skills for delivering transformational feedback, and also facilitates the process of collecting and delivering transformational feedback for our clients as a stand-alone service or as part of transformational programs such as:

  • Employee / team feedback interviews
  • Key customer / client feedback interviews
  • Leadership development programs
  • Talent development programs
  • Stakeholder – personal development feedback interviews
  • Board member feedback interviews
  • Shareholder / Directors feedback interviews
  • Parent / child feedback interviews

Transformational feedback is grounded in specific behaviour and context and is delivered, using sensory specific terms such as:“I saw…I heard…I felt…”. The individual receiving the feedback will most likely be pleased and at times even excited to receive the feedback due to the style of delivery, and the clear actionable steps and behaviours identified.

Ideal Solutions

Stakeholder Feedback
Leadership development, identifying blind spots, developing high potentials, performance management, personal development, board member and directors, transformational parenting, enhance communication…
Leadership Diagnostics
Precision identification of behaviours and preferences that support or hinder leadership success, succession planning and development, high potential development, ideal job fit, career planning, blind spot identification…
Partner Alignment
Identification of natural business partnering synergy, individual and business blind spots, risks and opportunities, expectations and intentions, communication styles, financial and otherwise ‘return’ criteria…

Opinion Based Feedback

Transformational feedback is not the kind of so called ‘feedback’, that is poorly veiled personal judgments, criticisms, put downs, joking insults, celebrations or strong opinions of well intentioned ‘friends’, parents, managers, customers, mentors or peers.

Even traditional 360-degree feedback and other leadership tools that rely on gathering input from others are mostly designed to specifically capture ‘opinions’ of others. Such opinion-based feedback will be highly useful in client and customer satisfaction surveys and also employee feedback, where individual’s subjective experience is intentionally sought. Trends and preferences can be identified and key business and leadership decisions can be explored from this type of opinion-based ‘feedback’.

Opinion-based feedback is however ineffective and can even be damaging within leadership and talent development. Knowing you did ‘well’ or ‘bad’, which are both an evaluation and judgment, does not pin point specific behaviours that are working well that need to continue and / or any specific behaviours that are hindering or even counterproductive to a desired outcome. What can a person receiving such evaluations and judgments actively do with this information?

More on Transformational Feedback

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