Janine Daniels

Executive and Business Coach

Janine is a Leadership and Executive coach whose expertise lies in integrating brain, behaviour and personal development through the application of neuroscience research and a coaching methodology that works beyond the level of conscious thought to facilitate authentic transformation. 

Janine is passionate about leadership development and works globally to develop effective leaders and cultures where people thrive. She has a special interest working with leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives who are committed to their personal growth and development. 

Janine has worked with over 300 clients across Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe and has a wealth of experience in cultural and gender diversity. Her clients are typically successful senior executives and entrepreneurs in industries ranging from financial services and banking to tech, communication, consumer goods, construction, pharmaceutical and health care. 

Janine is known is for her warmth and fearless challenge, her sense of fun and rigorous approach. She loves to stretch the thinking of those she works and adopts a strengths-based approach with her clients to :

• Deepen self-awareness and emotional intelligence

• Understand what ‘achieving through others’ really means

• Identify thinking patterns and overcome sabotage strategies

• Identify and leverage personal and professional opportunities

• Develop a strategic approach to professional development

• Create the mental environment for individual and team peak performance

Janine has an MSc Psychoneuroimmunology from Middlesex University, London and is an internationally accredited meta-coach. She is a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute, the International Coach Foundation and UN Women. She is accredited in a number of a tools including The Leadership Circle Profile and Culture Survey, LSI 360, the MTQ 48 in Mental Toughness and the iWAM inventory of attitudes and motivations.