Stakeholder Feedback

When it comes to sustainable transformation and generative change it is critical to recognise specific behaviours that are strong, effective and working well towards a desired outcome, and also which specific behaviours could benefit from further development, modification or in some cases, need to cease and be eliminated altogether.

Without insightful diagnostics and external feedback from trusted leaders, mentors and colleagues, a coachee will be left to rely on self-awareness and self-perceptions when identifying areas for development.

Equilibrio’s Stakeholder Feedback takes the guesswork out of change and supports coachee’s to confidently identify specific and focused development areas for coaching outcomes.

Working with an Equilibrio coach, a coachee identifies a core group of trusted people whom they work or collaborate closely with. This group of people may include managers, senior leaders, mentors, colleagues, team members, life partner, etc. This group of people becomes the ‘stakeholder feedback group’.

Through facilitation the Coachee identifies key areas that he or she would like to receive behavioural feedback on and these areas are translated into feedback interview questions.

Feedback is facilitated through private and confidential phone interviews by our Equilibrio coach, using a very specific form of behavioural questioning.

During a focused Feedback Coaching Session the Equilibrio coach delivers transformational feedback sensitively and anonymously protecting the confidentiality of the stakeholder, unless otherwise agreed with the stakeholder.

Coachees receiving Equilibrio stakeholder feedback most often tell us they are “pleased” and at times even “excited” to receive the feedback due to the quality of feedback collected, style of delivery, and the clear actionable steps identified.

Often stakeholder feedback is engaged again at the end of a transformational coaching program to track the transfer learning and development back into the workplace.

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