Equilibrio’s executive services are engaged and retained by Australian organisations, multi-nationals, government, and not-for-profit organisations.

Equilibrio are preferred and valued suppliers to: Westpac, Toyota, St George Bank, Wagamama, Foxtel, Macquarie Group, TV1 and Sci Fi Channels, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, BT Financial Group, MPG – Havas Media, Work Directions / Ingeus, Somfy and others.

Organisations primarily engage Equilibrio for:

  • Executive and leadership coaching programmes
  • Supporting new managers (first 90 days coaching programmes)
  • Executive group / team coaching and off-sites
  • CEO, CFO, COO coaching programmes
  • Board Facilitation
  • Identification and development of ‘high potentials’
  • Recruitment and succession assessment tools
  • 360+ Feedback and debriefing
  • Building and reinforcing a values-driven culture
  • Accountability and proactivity in the workplace
  • Team and leadership conflict resolution
  • Influencing and managing internal politics
  • Transforming dysfunctional groups into high-performing teams
  • Facilitation of strategic decision-making and planning
  • Coaching skills for leaders and managers

To coordinate Executive Coaching for yourself, your team member or a team member contact our Equilibrio Executive Coaching Director to get started.

Ideal Solutions

Business Coaching
Entrepreneurial start-up, business partnering, seeding values driven culture, vision, mission, coping with rapid growth, exit strategy, ideas generation, funding, leadership, business blind spots, break through sabotaging business behaviours, sounding board…
Executive Coaching
CEO and executive development, authentic leadership, onboarding first 90 days, feedback, identifying blind spots, career development and transition, managing internal politics, strategic decision making, communication mastery, building values driven culture, team coaching…
Life Coaching
Work life balance, reduce stress, dream creation, break through sabotaging behaviours, career development and transition, authentic relationships, increase energy and vitality, intimacy, self-confidence and self-esteem, communication skills….

Forms of Coaching

Having roots in philosophy, psychology (behavioural, cognitive, humanistic, transpersonal, positive), business (management, leadership), and sport (Brock, 2012), coaching can be organised into three primary applications (Hall, Duval, Diltz, 2003) including:

- Performance Coaching

Incremental changes in skills and behaviours. Executive development and behavioural flexibility in communication, delegation, accountability, influencing, leadership, inspiring, negotiating, managing stress, relating, etc. Writing a book, screenplay, making music, etc. Actualising latent talents and capacities for personal and professional success.

- Developmental Coaching

Evolutionary changes to beliefs, values, and self-identity. Creating flexibility in thinking styles, enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (IQ), self-esteem, ego strength, flexibility in demanding and diverse role identifications; leader, manager, mother, father, sales person, etc. Finding balance, personal meaning, fulfilment and satisfaction. Increasing relational intelligence in business, sales, leadership, love, and family.

- Transformational Coaching

Revolutionary changes in purpose and direction. Complete 360 degree paradigm shifts, in life and career change, starting up a business, exiting a business, starting and ending significant partnerships, moving continents, life purpose fulfilment, creating a life vision, break through sabotaging patterns and personal limitations, etc.


Equilibrio’s team has depth and expertise in all three applications of coaching. Michelle Duval, Equilibrio’s founder, has been a leading voice globally in developmental and transformational coaching (Hall & Duval, 2003; 2004; Beaumont 2007; Routledge 2009; Linder-Pelz 2010).

Equilibrio’s coaching programs are custom designed for each individual, team, or organisation, after an initial consultation or Introductory Coaching Session. Programs range from 3-months to 12-months in duration, dependingon the specific coaching objectives and application of coaching. The frequency of sessions can be weekly or monthly, with the majority of programs designed for a session every second week. Session durations ranges from 20-minutes, 1-hour, 1.5-hours, and 2-hours. Equilibiro program fees are comparative to the medium range of the Australian market.

To find out more about coaching with Equilibrio for your specific goals and objectives please contact our Client Services team.

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